Taking Mens Measurements

Mens Measurements

With women and kids, most home sewists know how to measure – chest (or bust for women) waist and hips. But with men’s sewing and clothing, there are a few more measurements, so today we’re going over how to take mens measurements for sewing. And yes, I enjoy Once Upon a Time, so my drawing Read the Rest…


How to Sew Collar Points

How to sew sharp points on collars -

One of the challenges in sewing for men and boys is that so many of their garments seem to include collars! So today I’m going to show you how to sew collar points so they turn out nice and sharp. Start with your collar interfacing – cut it to the seam allowance size, so that there Read the Rest…


Salvaging Purse Hardware with sewVery


Hi Readers – today I have a special post for you written by my friend Veronica of sewVery. Veronica is a great bag maker, and today she’s going to talk about salvaging purse hardware, both to save money and have great, unique looking bags. She’s linked to several of the bags she’s made, and I Read the Rest…


Types of Knit Fabric

Types of Knit Fabric - An overview of knit fabrics -

Since tomorrow is the last day you can get your Just Add Jeans collection, the four of us Pattern Anthology gals thought it might be a good time to go over our best tips for sewing with knits. So I’m going to talk about the different types of knit fabrics – something that I think Read the Rest…


How to Topstitch

How to Topstitch -

It’s day 2 of the jeans sewalong! And today I’m going to be talking about how to topstitch. Yesterday we talked a little about needles and thread, so I won’t go into too much detail, but I will re-iterate – at least a size 90/14 needle and heavy duty thread. Topstitching seems like it would Read the Rest…


Tips to Sew Denim

How to Sew Denim -

Hey y’all, it’s jeans sewalong week! All week Sabra and I will be trading tips and tutorials to get you sewing your own jeans. First up for me are tips to sew denim. Denim is one of those fabrics people avoid because it’s thick, which means that when you fold it or sew two pieces Read the Rest…


Sequined Dress – How to Sew Sequins

Knit raglan sleeve sequin dress -

Hey y’all. Have you ever totally stressed about what to wear to an event? I’m sure I’m not the only neurotic one out there who can totally overthink both the outfit and my comfort requirements for said outfit. Well, Alt Summit last month brought out the neurosis full force. For the green themed party I Read the Rest…


How to Sew Lace

How to Sew Lace - Tips, Tricks and Techniques from

In yesterday’s post I showed you a lace dress version of the Shoreline Boatneck pattern that I sewed. Today I’m going to talk more about how to sew lace – there’s an art to it. Look at the picture below – can you find the seamline where I attached the sleeve to the shoulder? I hope you Read the Rest…


Tips for Sewing Vinyl

Tips and Tricks to Sew Vinyl

Today I’m sharing my top 3 tips for sewing vinyl. Vinyl can be a tricky fabric to sew, but use these tips and it should be smooth sailing. Tips to Sew Vinyl Cut with a rotary cutter Use tissue paper to sew without sticking Don’t pin Use a rotary cutter – this is particularly important Read the Rest…


Continuous Placket Tutorial

How to make a continuous placket - Melly Sews continuous placket tutorial #sewing

As promised from Tuesday’s post, today I’m going to share a continuous placket tutorial that can be added to any shirt or dress. To begin, determine the length of placket opening you’d like to add. For mine I did 8 inches. Mark a line this length down the center front of your shirt. Make lines Read the Rest…