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Black Friday Sale on Blank Slate Sewing Patterns

Black Friday Sale!

Hey y’all – it’s that time of year, when I run one of my rare sales. And I figure if I’m going to run a sale, it better be a good one. So, November 28-December 1, you can get 30% off ALL Blank Slate Patterns, but if you buy 4, you get 40% off, and Read the Rest…

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Sew a storage tray - Melly Sews

Sew Storage Boxes – Napkin Holder

Hey y’all – this post wasn’t planned, but it came about after I sewed a bunch of cloth napkins and then needed to sew a storage tray to keep them contained on the table. So this post will show you how sew storage boxes, and if you want to head over and read this post, Read the Rest…

10 Things to Sew for Home - Melly Sews

10 Things to Sew for Home

Hey y’all! Today to continue the Sewing for Home theme this month, I’ve got a round up of 10 tutorials from this blog that you can sew for your home. Click on any of the images to go to the tutorial. Hooray – you read the whole post! Wanna hang out more? Check out the Read the Rest…

Sew Laundry Bag - Melly Sews

How to Sew Laundry Bags

Hey y’all – welcome to a month of sewing for home, November’s theme! Today I’m going to show you how to sew laundry bags. Now if you want a singular drawstring bag – like you’re sending a kid off to college, you might want to adapt this tutorial instead, making your drawstring bags much larger. Read the Rest…