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Sew a Simple Skirt Tutorial - Melly Sews

Sew a Skirt – Easy, Fast and Simple Skirt Tutorial

Hey y’all – this is the last Back to Basics tutorial of the month – and we’re ready to tackle sewing things to wear! I’ve got a super simple skirt tutorial for you. Seriously, start to finish this one takes about 45 minutes (give yourself more time if you’re new to sewing, but before long Read the Rest…

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Buy the Ultimate DIY Bundle

Ultimate DIY Bundle Sale!

Hey y’all – today I want to share a limited time sale I think you’ll be interested in – because it includes SEWING PATTERNS! I know that  if you’re here you enjoy creating – and making things just the way you want them. The great thing about DIY is that there’s so much to get involved Read the Rest…

Snap organizer pocket for tote bags - or any bags or purses really! Easy tutorial so you won't be digging for your keys and glasses - Melly Sews

Snap on Organizer at Flamingo Toes

Hey y’all – today is a two-fer. First up, I’m guest posting at Flamingo Toes for her Scrap Busting Extravaganza, showing you how to make this snap on organizer pocket.  And then today on my blog I’ve got the tutorial (plus VIDEO) for the tote bag, including the FREE sewing machine graphic I used on Read the Rest…

Learn to Sew with a free online course from Melly Sews

Learn to Sew – Free Online Course

Hey y’all – so this is maybe a little unexpected for regular readers – I mean y’all already know how to sew, right, so why read a post called “Learn to Sew”? But hang with me – there’s something here for you too. Here’s the thing – sewing is AWESOME and I think more people Read the Rest…


Top 5 Tutorials of 2014 – Pajama Shorts

  Drumroll please…the top tutorial of 2014 is these Boxer Pajama Shorts! I made these back in October and since then they’ve been pinned, repinned and viewed so many times they overtook tutorials from earlier in the year – wow! (Side note: that also makes me glad I cut my face out of these pictures. Read the Rest…