Tech Tips – How to Google Hangout

How to Google Hangout - Tech Tips - http://mellysews.com

Hey y’all. For today’s tech tips I’m going to show you how to use my favorite feature of Google+, which is Google Hangouts. But let’s start with some truth telling first of all. I don’t totally get Google+. I mean, I understand what it does and mostly how it works, but the appeal of it Read the Rest…


Tech Tips – How to Start an Email Newsletter

How to Start and Email Newsletter for your blog - Tech Tips with http://mellysews.com

Hey y’all – today I’m going to take you through some of your options for email newsletters. Email newsletters are helpful for both your blog and your business. They’re another option you can offer to subscribers, and they’re great for creating new relationships with your readers/customers and letting them know about special events. There are Read the Rest…


Tech Tips – How to Embed Instagram Feed

How to Embed an Instagram Feed - MellySews.com Tech Tips for Blogging

I think Instagram is my favorite social media, and today I’m going to show you how to embed an Instagram feed on your blog. And if you’re looking for more denim inspiration, never fear, Sabra has you covered today with what to do with your old jeans. I love that Instagram is short, sweet, and Read the Rest…


Tech Tips – Manage Email

Tech Tips - How to Manage Your Email - Melly Sews

Hi all – it’s time for our monthly Tech Tip. Today I’m going to share how to manage email.  If you write a blog, you may be swamped by email, and if you don’t stay on top of it, that inbox number can quickly get to the triple or (gulp) quadruple digits. I thought I Read the Rest…


Tech Tips: How to Use Photoshop Actions

Tech Tips with Melly Sews

Hi all. For this month’s Tech Tip we’re going to talk about how to use photoshop actions. Now before we get all fancy into picture editing, make sure you’ve read previous Tech Tips about how to optimize photos for your blog and how to use alt tags to make your images more searchable. If you’re not Read the Rest…


Tech Tips: How to Make Image Map

How to Make Image Map: a Tech Tip Tutorial by Melly Sews

Today marks the return of Tech Tips - which I still plan to keep around here sporadically. This tutorial will show you how to make image maps – which is what I used to make this graphic for the Sundress Series: An image map allows you to take a single image and link it to multiple Read the Rest…