How to Sew Tulle

How to Sew Tulle - Tips and Trick from Melly Sews #sewing

Welcome to day 3 of the Amaryllis Dress sewalong! Today I have a tulle-torial for you. Or how to sew tulle, for those of you that don’t appreciate my punniness. Har, har.

If you want extra pouf for your Amaryllis Dress, or you’re supporting a very lightweight fabric like this geometric silk cotton voile, you might want to add a layer of tulle in between the layers of  your back skirt.

Get ready to party in Amaryllis Dress PDF Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

There are instructions in the pattern to do this, but today I want to give you more tips and tricks for sewing with tulle without pulling out your hair.

First, I always buy more tulle than I think I’ll need, and I often use all of it. It’s easy to cut out extra layers if the skirt gets too poufy, as tulle doesn’t fray.

How to Sew Tulle

If possible, cut tulle while folded, using a rotary cutter and mat. This is the best way to get a straight edge.

Use a rotary cutter to cut tulle - Melly Sews

This is one of your best friends when sewing with tulle

Transparent tape - a versatile sewing tool - Melly Sews

Yup, plain transparent tape. Not only can you use it to hold tulle together to sew (then tear the tape off after sewing), put a piece on the bottom of your presser foot to keep the “toes” of the foot from getting stuck in the holes in the tulle and snagging it.

Transparent Tape on your presser foot helps prevent tulle snags - Melly Sews

When gathering tulle, I like to use my ruffle foot and just gather a whole lot more in length than the pattern calls for. That way I can add several layers to taste, cutting off my tulle ruffle where needed. And on the off chance I have leftovers, well, that’s less work for the next project.

Stitching on tulle can often pull right out, especially when gathering, so I like to gather my tulle in several layers (3-4) at once onto a strip of bias tape. You can do this by placing the bias tape under the foot and the tulle in the foot.

Use a ruffle foot to attache tulle to bias tape - Melly Sews

The bias tape will remain flat while the gathered tulle is stitched to it.

Ruffled tulle with bias tape edge - Melly Sews

The tape also gives you an easy to pin and sew edge to work with, making tulle wrangling a cinch.

In case you’re just dropping by the sewalong, you may want to read about how to work with formal fabrics from day 1, or how to gather fabric from day 2. Tomorrow I’ve got a mini tutorial for you on how to get an extra poufy bow for the front of the dress if you’re so inclined. See you then!

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  1. Lisa says

    I’m so happy I came across your site. My granddaughter will be a flower girl in a July wedding. I am sewing her dress and the bride wants it to be similar to hers (which happens to have A LOT of tulle on the skirt). I’ve never
    sewn that much tulle before and want it to look good. That’s for the great ideas, just in the nick of time!

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