Kids Clothes Week July 2014 – Day 1


Something I haven’t done in a while – blogging as I go instead of scheduling posts ahead for you. So Kids Clothes Week starts today, and I’m sewing along this time and THRILLED that I have time to do that. I’m keeping it real, though – only doing 1 hour/day.

So, what did my one hour get me today? A list, fabric pulled and patterns cut out. Pretty good, right?


Side note: Isn’t the list above cool? I wrote it on my iPad with my Wacom Solo Stylus (affiliate link) which I kind of love. It combines the best of being able to hand write/draw things and have my iPad or computer save them instead of having to keep up with a bunch of papers or notebooks. 

Last month when we visited Britex Fabrics in San Francisco, Bean INSISTED on this shirting for a Bookworm Button Up for himself. I thought, hey, that’s a nice fabric, sure. Only when I went to get it cut AFTER I’d already promised it to him did I realize my guy has super expensive taste. Like Versace shirting taste, yikes! Good thing it doesn’t take that much yardage to make a size 4T short sleeve shirt.


I’ll be stitching up View B of this shirt so he can wear it in the summer heat, like these cute and summery plaid ones my friend made.

View B - Bookworm Button Up Sewing Pattern for Boys and Girls - Blank Slate Patterns

Next on the list are some jerseys in the Coach’s (my husband) school colors. I found this fabric in the Micheal Levine Loft on my last trip to Los Angeles, and I’ll be adding some gray for the numbers, neckband and sleeve bands. I’m using my Just a Jersey pattern for these, and hoping they look like the original one I made Tater a few years ago.

But I’m debating – should I put numbers on the back that show their ages, or should we go with 14 for the year? Decisions, decisions.


Football Jersey sewn by Melly Sews -

Finally, I’ve got some denim Clean Slate Shorts cut out for Tater. It seems like I make more of these every time I do KCW.  The skinny kid needs some new back to school shorts as it will be too hot for pants here for a few months still, so these are perfect.

So, showing my work – below is what I got done today. Are you sewing along? Has your kid ever suckered you into fabric more expensive than you’d normally spend on a kid? And what numbers should I put on the back of the jerseys? Leave a comment and let me know.


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  1. says

    Great job! Impressive for one hour of work so far! All my sewing projects seem to take me longer than expected. I’m not able to participate this week as we are on a road trip for a few more days, but I enjoy reading and following along of all everyone else’s progress. Maybe ask your son what number he wants in his back – his age or 14?

  2. Kristie says

    I would go 14. I am not into sharing that much info about my kid. That said, knowing how old he was when he wore it would be kinda cool. In a hand me down to my kid kind of way cool.
    Good luck with the dilemma!

  3. Deb Cameron says

    I’ve finished two football jerseys for my boys and am hoping to get photos today. I love KCW but always, always take on more that I can handle…why do we do that? Oh well better to have goals than none :-) can’t wait to see the Versace shirt :-)

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