The Easiest Boot Covers Ever…and other Star Wars Costumes Tips

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What is it about little boys and Star Wars? Do they learn this stuff by osmosis? Is it encoded in their DNA? Because our boys haven’t seen the movie, any cartoons, nuthin’. And they somehow know all about Luke and Obi Wan and all their adventures. Down to who has which color light saber (according to them). And they  insisted that they needed Star Wars costumes this Halloween.

What’s a sewing mommy to do? Whip some up, of course. And add in Leia, because the boys told Baby Girl that she’s a Princess and she was sold.

When Tater was The Man in the Yellow Hat, I made different boot covers for him, but Luke and Obi Wan needed something more fitted. And easier on me. So here’s what I came up with.

I used cotton/poly interlock knit. I cut two rectangles about 6 inches longer than I wanted the boots and the width of the kids’ calves. I folded them in half, matching long edges, and stitched one short and one long side. Then I cut out a hole for the sole of his shoes to poke through and turned them right side out.

Boot Covers 1 - DIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews

To figure out where the sole would go on Tater, I had him try them on. Then I used the same template for the ones I made for Bean.

Step 2 - Mark off sole of foot DIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews

Super easy!

For Tater’s costume, I used the free Sleepy Robe Pattern and just  made it the size 2 length when he wears a 5. Easy peasy. The belt tutorial was posted Monday, in case you missed it. Tater’s pants are Clean Slate Pants made in knit as well, without the fly or pockets or anything.

Little kid Luke Skywalker Belt Tutorial - Melly Sews #sewing #Halloween #kids #diy

For Beans Obi Wan look, I did a brown Tee x 3, a shortened white Sleepy Robe, and Clean Slate Pants. I put one of his regular belts over everything. For his cloak I used the Sleepy Robe again, but modified it by adding a hood.

DIY Kids Obi Wan Kenobi Costume - Melly Sews

To add the hood, I took a regular hood piece from another pattern and lengthened the top, tapering down to the regular neckline. I sewed this together and sewed a lining, then sewed those two pieces right sides together around the face edge. I turned them right side out and sewed onto the robe, matching the seam with the center back and pinning around towards the front edges.

Modified hood for Sleepy RobeDIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews

I did not sew the two band pieces for the robe together. Instead I folded on long edge under 1/2″ and pressed, then folded the band in half and sewed across a short end just to the pressing line. I turned this right side out and…

Modified band for Sleepy RobeDIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews

sewed the unpressed edge to the robe edge. Then I flipped the seam allowance into the band and pinned the pressed edge over the seam and stitched in the ditch of the first seam to secure the band in place.

Modifying Sleep Robe for CostumeDIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews

Leia’s look also started out with a Tee x 3.

DIY Kids Princess Leia Costume - Melly Sews

I pinned the sleeve and front together on the pattern and cut them out as one piece, rounding under the arm and flaring out into a dress shape, adding length. To be more accurately Leia, I would have placed the top of her sleeve on a fold as well and just cut out the neckline, but I didn’t have enough fabric to do that, so she has arm seams. She’s blonde too, so sue me for lack of film accuracy.

Leia Dress - DIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews

I made her hood the same way as Obi Wan’s, but since I was using knit I didn’t line it. Or hem it. Yay for Halloween sewing! I also made her hood eve wider, then pleated it down to fit on her neckline, going over the sleeve seams and basting in place.

Leia hood DIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews

Since this knit wasn’t as stretchy as called for in the pattern, I cut my neckband both longer and wider, then pinned it on top of the hood and stitched in place.

Leia neckband DIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews

I think they’re a pretty cute bunch, if I do say so myself.

Nothing is as cute as kids dressed in Star Wars costumes! Luke Skywalker Belt Tutorial - Melly Sews #sewing #Halloween #kids #diy

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  1. says

    They look fantastic!
    Last carnival my son changed his mind two weeks before and suddenly wanted to be Yoda. He had never seen any Starwars either, but all the boys wanted Starwars costumes.

  2. says

    This is perfect–my son is being Luke Skywalker, so I’m just using his Tae Kwon Do uniform and adding some boots and a belt! This is a huge help!

  3. says

    Out Of This World- Creative!!!! So cool! “May The Force Be With You” where ever you trick or treat on Halloween night! :) Have fun! Kudos & a Super Creative Mommy Award to you!

  4. says

    How clever! You are amazing, I want to sew Star wars costume for my 3 kids too for a birthday party coming up. And this is a great place to start.

  5. Rebecca says

    I’d already planned a slightly-adapted karate suit for my 4yos Luke costume for a space-themed party, but the boot covers (made to your instructions from a thrifted tan tshirt) transformed the whole outfit – thank you so much!

  6. Nicole says

    What kind of fabric did you use for the white top and bottom if like skywalker costume? It looks thick. I’m thinking my fabric is too thin!

  7. Sarah says

    Thank you, we have a star wars themed party coming up and I have used your Princess Leia ‘pattern’ as a guide for my daughter’s outfit, She loves it and wont take it off for me to hem the bottom. LOL

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