Vintage Surfer Style Board Shorts Sewing Pattern for Vintage May

Vintage Surfer Style by Melly Sews


This post is part of the Vintage May series, hosted by Craftiness is not Optional and Skirt As Top.

When I got invited to be part of this series, I knew my Vintage May look would be a boy look. And I had other plans for this, but then I also had some stuff I was working on for my summer collection, and finally it occurred to me that instead of stressing myself out, I should incorporate one of my patterns into my look. So today you get a sneak peek at my Big Island Board Shorts Sewing Pattern, which will be released later this month.

Big Island Board Shorts Sewing Pattern


I wanted this whole look to be reminiscent of vintage surf and travel posters – I love those! I looked through several before using this fabric I picked up in Hawaii last summer to make the Hawaiian shirt.

Hawaiian Shirt by Melly Sews


So it’s not vintage fabric, but I think it definitely has a vintage vibe. I did use a sort of vintage (late 1970s, anyway) pattern as the basis for the shirt – got this one from my mom.



I’m pretty sure there’s a photo somewhere with my brothers in matching shirts my mom made from this pattern. And I might be wearing a lace collared dress. Allegedly.

Anyway, between the Hawaiian shirt, the orange board shorts with the bias trim, and the processing on the photos, I think I got a vintage vibe going here, perfect for running on the beach…

Running Surfer by Melly Sews

Hangin’ 10…

Vintage Surf Style by Melly Sews

Striking a pose…

Vintage Surfer Inspired Shirt and Board Shorts by Melly Sews

Or watching the waves.

Vintage Inspired Hawaiian Shirt

Thanks to Jess and Kristin for including me in this series!

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  1. Fiona says

    Mel, this is unreal the exact same pattern is in my collection also inherited from my Mum!!! Love the look:)

  2. jan says

    Oh how I love this….the shirt fabric is amazing…and orange is my favorite……thanks for something great as always!!

  3. says

    Definitely a vintage, “Beach Boys” kinda vibe — love it! And my son would be all over that shirt too. Vibrant, loud and BLUE — what else could a boy want?

  4. Emilia says

    Outstanding as always miss melly. In awe as usual! I think your model is getting the hang of it… and loving it!

  5. AManda says

    I have some swim short fabric I turned into a runner years ago, and have been hoping for a boy to make shorts for. Check, check!! It’s finally time to start sewing for Aiden!

  6. says

    Soo adorable! I love both pieces so , so much…and especially the shots you got! The one of him striking his surfing pose is radical! 😉

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