Ode to My Cutting Table

A while back, in this post, I wrote about the lovely cutting table I had Hubby make for me. 
And in this post, I wrote about my love of organization, and things having a place. And being put in their place. 
And since the cutting table was complete, I added this shelving/storage to my wall, to get my cutting mat and near at hand drafting/marking/measuring tools up off the table. 
And I started hanging my patterns in progress like this, to get them off the table as well. 
Why yes, those are pants hangers holding up my drafting
And if you follow me on Instagram (@mellysews) you’ve seen pictures of my cutting table during KCWC and recently after a midnight sewing stint. 
During KCWC- projects in piles. Removed 1 at a time as I finished the projects.

After some midnight sewing – evidence of mess = coffee cup, stray ruffle, trimmed thread, buttonholer on sewing cabinet, clothes spread across ironing board.  
So what’s the point of all this? Inspiration.
The large, blank, white surface of my cutting table inspires me. It’s a blank canvas for my creations. It’s the backdrop for my tutorials. 
It’s the space for my imagination. 
So call me OCD, but each time I finish a project step, I try to remove all the things I’m finished using and put them back in their places. I keep a trash can under the table and throw away scraps as I cut, thread as I trim. The cutting mat goes back on the wall, the scissors back in the cup. 
Three things live on my table (and when I get Hubby to fix my drawer slides, even they will move) – my to do list, my camera, and my computer. In between projects I try to clear everything else. To clear my mind. To give myself space to envision the next thing. 
I know some find their creativity in chaos, the unexpected play of fabrics against each other, the juxtaposition of scraps and patterns. 
But I need a blank slate. 
What fuels your creativity? 

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  1. says

    oh, I love to have a clean space to sew in. And I too am very dilligent about cleaning after each project. But that is not what inspires me, it is just what frees me to actually create. I like being inspired by images around me.

  2. says

    I have enjoyed watching your progress over these last few years. Greg and I were just talking about my old sewing space, so beautifully organized yet hardly ever used. It is sad to say that my desire to sew and be creative didn’t spark up until after I left teaching. Of course now, that sewing space is gone. So I work from my kitchen table and store everything in a very small bookshelf in the dining room. I am now inspired by projects, most often a friends request to make something.

  3. says

    Your “midnight sewing evidence” is about ten steps cleaner than my “just spent the week cleaning my space”. I much prefer a clean slate, but I have to let go of cleaning my space (and the many other disastrous parts of the house) if I ever want time to work on anything. I do have my supplies pretty well organized now, though, which really makes a HUGE difference in being able to work without spending hours searching for something. Your cleaned up space looks quite heavenly!!

  4. Amy (naptimecrafters) says

    Someday! Right now my cutting space is the family room floor which with 2 little ones is normally quite a disaster :)

  5. says

    I love your sewing space. My sewing room is a complete disaster right now, but it’s my mission over the next couple of months to clean it up and transform it — and finally have a proper cutting table! Right after I finish these next few projects…

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