Vines T-Shirt Refashion – Guest Post at Keeping It Simple

This was originally a guest post over on Keeping It Simple., but in case you missed it…
Today I’m going to show you how I did my latest t-shirt refashion

I started with a men’s size small V-neck that I picked up for $2 at Old Navy.

I did have to make it a little smaller (I used the method from this tutorial) but I knew I wouldn’t have much leftover fabric to work with. So I decided to trim down the serged seams from the inside of the shirt and use those as part of my decoration.

I pinned these to my shirt in the pattern I wanted.

And zig-zag stitched them (with matching thread) into place. Now, if I had been smart I would have done this while I had the shirt opened up, before sewing the side seams. But I didn’t, so I had to use a lot of pins (more than the picture) and go very slowly.

I got the idea for the flowers from this post at You and Mie. I varied it slightly, as shown below, but if you want the full tutorial, you should check out her post.

I sewed my flowers into place, and this is what I ended up with

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  1. Anonymous says

    You are seriously brilliant…almost enough to make me want to take my sewing machine out of storage at some point and use it!

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