Sewing Football Jerseys – Kids Clothes Week

Adorable Football Jerseys by Melly Sews from the Blank Slate Patterns Just a Jersey pattern

So. The thing about live blogging (instead of scheduling things out like I normally do) is that life happens, and then blogging may not. Also – apparently I have a very weird sense of time. It might be why I’m always late in real life – I always think I can get more done in a certain amount of time than I actually do.

Love these football jerseys!

Combine those two things and you get 1) Sporadic posting – nothing for a while and then boom! a midday post (and those never happen here!) and 2) not so much sewing done because I’ve been limiting myself to 1 hour/day.



Of my Kids Clothes Week List, I have made the 2 pairs of Clean Slate Shorts (Tater is wearing one of the new pairs in these pictures) and 2 Just a Jerseys for football season. Since my kids have gotten holes in all their other game day shirts. I did end up going with their ages as the numbers, because it’s just cute.

Street football game in cute handmade jerseys

And in the end, then you get a game of street football (illicit fun! Hurry, Mom said we can play IN THE STREET!) and more photos than words. Which is OK for a Thursday in my book.

Jersey Fabric for a handmade football jersey

Playing football in mom made jerseys

Street football

Brothers in football jerseys - can this get any cuter? Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns


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    ditto on the weird posting times during KCW, but i gotta say i love this photoshoot of your boys! adorable and feels totally real, not staged at all. those are the best kind. :)

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    Really very impressive work done by you. Sewing kid’s clothes like football jerseys is a fun activity and there are so many different colors and materials you can use to sew kid’s clothing.

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