Sew in Tune with Nest Full of Eggs

Today I’m happy to welcome Rachel of Nest Full of Eggs to Sew in Tune.

Waterloo inspired outfit by Rachel of Nest Full of Eggs for Sew in Tune

Rachel’s look is inspired by “Waterloo”. To see more photos and read all about it, go to Nest Full of Eggs.

Sew in Tune - and

Rachel was part of our inaugural series of Sew in Tune, and you can check out her look from that series here. I also love her painstakingly pieced and stunning Patchwork Blazer

And this Origami Collar is pretty cool too.

Stacey and I also have some exciting stuff to share –  series we’re going to have a giveaway from series sponsors! One winner will get a pattern from me, Stacey’s new Bond Top pattern and $30 to Bobbie Lou’s Fabric Factory and Zipit Zippers. Stay tuned to the series for information on how to enter.

bond top cover button Square Ad BLFF_300 zipit 300x300-2

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