Cowl Neck Tutorial

Cowl Neck Tutorial - Easy and Cute Upcycle -

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, love is still in the air here on the blog through the rest of the month. Today I’m sharing this easy cowl neck tutorial. This is an upcycle that I did to a shirt that used to belong to the hubs. Because my idea of romance is taking my husband’s clothes and making them look good on me, ha!

Easy to sew refashion - Cowl Neck Tutorial -

This shirt started out as just a raglan pullover, but the neck was weirdly small. To quote the husband, “Here, this stupid shirt is choking me.” At first glance, I thought I’d just be able to wear it as an oversized shirt with leggings or skinny jeans, because obviously the neck ribbing that was choking him would fit better on my delicate and feminine neck, right? WRONG! Like I said, weirdly small neckline – it was even way too high and tight on me.

Solution? Cut it off and make it a cowl neck. I cut off the ribbing and then some.

Step 1 - Cowl Neck Tutorial -

Next I measured my new neckline.

Step 2 - Cowl Neck Tutorial -

And then I cut a rectangle of fabric that was 2x the width of the neckline plus a seam allowance and twice the final length I wanted plus seam allowances.

Let me break that math down for you. My neckline was 13″ around.

13″ x 2 = 26″ + 1″ for seam allowances = 27″ wide

I played with my fabric and decided about 12″ would be a great finished length for my cowl, so

12″ x 2 = 24″ plus 1″ for seam allowances – 25″ tall.

So I cut a 27″ x 25″ rectangle. Then I folded it in half, lining up the 25″ edges. Sew down that edge to make a tube.

Step 3 - Cowl Neck Tutorial -

Then fold your tube so all the raw edges are on one side and you have the right side of the fabric showing on both the inside and outside of your tube.

Step 4 - Cowl Neck Tutorial -

Align the seam of the cowl with the center back of your neck, then pin the raw edges to the neck edge all around. Pin and sew, using either a serger or a stretch stitch.

Step 5 - Cowl Neck Tutorial -

And that’s it – pull your new cowl neck shirt on and enjoy looking hot in your husband’s old clothes.

Cowl Neck shirt, jeans, boots. Love this!

I want one of these! Cowl Neck Tutorial -

Cowl neck top - easier than keeping up with a scarf -

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  1. Kristi Andres says

    I love that idea. I’m in love with eternity scarves and cowls. Like you I cut my hair short back in the fall (by the way thanks for all the curly hair tips and book suggestions. They helped me a ton! I am loving my curls now.) and I just feel like my neck is always cold. I think I might try this on some of my shirts!~
    Kristi :) (kopykat)

  2. says

    Oh, how fun! Love this little tutorial, it is so fun to see how to break something down into it’s simple elements. I love all your instagram tips, as well! You are such an asset to my sewing knowledge, Melissa! thank you :)

  3. Tosin says

    Tanx Melly,I’m frm Nigeria I av been wonderin hw dis cowl neck is done bt tanks to u nw I knw and I can make my cowl neck and av a beautiful outfit.

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