How to Store Buttons in Your Sewing Room

How to Store Buttons -

I’m so excited to share this! One of my goals in my recent sewing studio move was to use blog and sewing stuff to decorate my walls. My hubby finally had a chance to install this for me (not that I couldn’t do it myself, just – how much easier is it to have him do it?) and I’m thrilled to show you how to store buttons – on the wall!

I had been playing with the idea of threaded buttons for a while, and even started to store mine this way within jars.

Thread buttons together for storage -

But then I stumbled across this post on Coletterie and thought a curtain wire would be even better.

curtain hook through threaded buttons for storage -

So I got the Ikea Riktig curtain set and a curtain wire, and I used the hooks to hang the threaded buttons and the clips to hang the packaged buttons. Since a wonderful and generous friend recently gave me a whole huge bag of vintage sewing supplies, including LOTS of buttons, I used up the 24 clip pack pretty quickly, even though I doubled it by using the hooks and clips separately.


Button wall in sewing studio -

Aren’t they pretty to look through? I love having them on the wall, kind of like the zippers, so my tools become my artwork.

Using a curtain wire for button storage -

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  1. Terri Herman says

    What a great idea! I have tons of buttons in packages. I use glass jars (old jelly) to sort my loose buttons by color. This makes for a great visual too. I had my husband hang two of the wooden thread racks that usually stand on the wall above my machine and I love how it looks. Buttons could go right above. Thanks! {pinned it}

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