Braided Cowl Tutorial

Braided Fleece Cowl Tutorial - Melly Sews #diy #sewing #holiday #gift

LOVE the short hair, still hate the cold neck, and since we’ve been having unseasonably cold weather here in Texas I’ve been looking for more ways to keep my neck warm. So today I give you this braided cowl tutorial.

Cozy and bright - Braided Fleece Cowl Tutorial - Melly Sews #diy #sewing #holiday #gift

This is super simple to make. Start with 3/4 yard of fleece – I’m using stretch micro fleece. Cut it into thirds, from selvedge to selvedge, so you have 3 pieces that are 9 inches wide by the width of the fabric, so 58-60″ long. IMPORTANT: My fabric stretched from selvedge to selvedge, so the strips I cut stretch lengthwise. If your fabric stretches parallel to the selvedge, you’ll want to get 2 yards of fabric and cut your strips parallel to the selvedge.

Take each piece and fold right sides together, matching long edges. Sew into a looooooong tube, and then turn right side out.


Lay your tubes out flat and braid them, starting about 6 inches from the ends. Bring the left outside strand to the middle, then the right outside strand to the middle. Repeat until you’re about 6 inches from the other end.


Fold your braided fleece like this. The tubes are numbered from bottom (1) to top (3) of the stack on that side. In other words, 1 is closest to the table, 2 is on top of 1 but under 3.  Make sure that you’re not matching a 1 to a 1 strand, or a 3 to a 3. Pin your tubes together.


Stitch the edges of the tubes together with a whipstitch until you can’t sew together anymore, then switch to a blind stitch. 


When all 3 tubes are attached to each other, gently shake your neckwarmer loop to redistribute the braid folds. Loop twice around your neck and enjoy the warmth!

Stay warm with a hot drink and this Braided Fleece Cowl Tutorial - Melly Sews #diy #sewing #holiday #gift

Maybe with a hot drink, too.

Warm and easy to make - Braided Fleece Cowl Tutorial - Melly Sews #diy #sewing #holiday #gift

For another neckwarmer idea, check this post.

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  1. says

    Red, Red…what else can be said :D Very nice Cowl Scarf. Looks like it’s just heavy enough to keep
    your neck nice and warm, without overkill. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    I’m wondering if fleece is sold in different widths. I just made this and it is so tight around my neck, I feel like I’m wearing a neck brace! Lol In your pics, you can actually see your neck. When I wear the scarf, it completely fills the space between my chest and my neck, and it feels and looks awkward. :( So sad. I wanted to give this as a gift. I wonder if there is a way to extend it. Has anyone else had this problem and figured out a solution?

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