Baby Boy Romper Tutorial with Free PDF Sewing Pattern

Baby Boy Romper Tutorial with free PDF sewing Pattern for 0-3m by Melly Sews

So the Criss -Cross dress tutorial is one of my all-time most popular posts ever, and it occurred to me, as a boy mama, that I don’t have an equivalent for boys. What was I thinking? So today I’m sharing a free pdf sewing pattern for a basic romper, the type I used to make Bean when he was a baby.

Close up of Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

This was him at 1 year old – I don’t have pictures of him in these younger than that, though I did make them. The one I’m sharing today is a 0-3M size, so smaller than the one you see Bean wearing in these pictures.

If you need a different size, the Raleigh Romper and Dress pattern is available for purchase and comes in sizes NB-3T. To buy the Raleigh Romper and Dress Pattern, click the Buy Now button below. You’ll get an email with your download link after payment.

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 yard of fabric. I used Bridgetown in Black from Waterfront by Violet Craft for Michael Miller.
  • 3 heavy duty snaps
  • tiny scraps of fusible interfacing – about 3 inches by 1/2″.
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After printing and taping the pattern, cut out your pieces according to the directions on the pattern. Mark buttonholes on the right side of the back piece.

Sew the front to the front lining along the armhole and neckline, right sides together, using a 1/2″ (12mm) seam. Repeat with the back and back lining. Clip the corners and curves.

Step 1 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Turn front and back pieces right sides out and press.

Step 2 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Sew the buttonholes on the back piece.

Buttonhole on Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Place the front on top of the back, lining sides together. Open the side seams and pin the front to the back and the front lining to the back lining at the side seams, matching the armhole seam. Sew each side in one seam.

Side seams Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

When you fold the front and back down, the seams are enclosed inside.

Top of Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Sew the shorts fronts along the curved crotch seam, right sides together. Repeat with the shorts backs. Finish this seam with your preferred seam finishing method (seam finishing tutorial here).

Step 5 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Open up your shorts front and back and place them right sides together. Line up side edges and sew, then finish with your preferred method.

Step 6 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Lay your shorts flat so that the side seam is facing up. Press the bottom edge up 1/4″ (6mm) twice, then stitch in place to hem. Repeat on other leg.

See the short raw edges on the bottom right and left of this picture? Those are your inseams, and we will be looking at them more closely in the next picture.

Step 7 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Lay shorts so crotch seam is facing up. Iron a piece of  1/2″ (12mm) wide interfacing onto the shorts 1/8″ (3mm) away from the raw edge of the inseam. Trim interfacing to fit the width of the inseam.

Step 8 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Iron the 1/8″ (3mm) or raw fabric toward the interfacing.

Step 9 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Fold the inseam again 1/2″ (12mm) to cover the interfacing. You will have to stretch fabric on the bias to achieve this. Make sure the center seam on the folded edge aligns with the center seam of the shorts, then stretch the folded fabric toward the hemmed edges. Stitch folded edge in place. Repeat with other inseam, making sure the two inseams are the same length.

Step 10 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Turn the shorts right side out. Pin the outside of the top only (not the lining ) to the shorts at the waistline, right sides together. Match top front to the shorts front, the top back to the shorts back, and make sure to match the side seams. Stitch around waistline.

Step 11 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Turn romper wrong side out. Press the seam from the previous step up toward the top. Then fold the bottom edge of the lining under 3/8″ (9mm) and pin over the seam. On the right side of the romper, stitch in the ditch of the waistline seam to secure the lining in place. Alternately, you could handstitch the lining to the seam allowance.

Step 12 Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Set 3 snaps on the inseam. One should be just to the side of the center seam, the other two close to the edges.

Snaps on Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Tip: use an old thread spool to keep the snap intact while you hammer it on.

Tip for setting snaps Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Sew the buttons on the shoulders, and there’s your finished romper for a new baby boy!

Button Shoulder Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Close Up Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern


Baby Boy Romper by Melly Sews with Free Pattern

Or, you know, on an older baby, since I can’t find any pictures of Bean wearing these when he was tiny! Of course, these pictures still look tiny to me compared to the big 3 year old he is now!



Also, you may notice on the pictures of Bean wearing these, I put the buttonholes on the front piece. You can do it that way too, there’s not really a right or wrong, just personal preference here. And as you can see since I’ve made them both ways I don’t have a personal preference.

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  1. Diane says

    I absolutely love this Little Boys Romper. I really want to make this for a young lady who is expecting a little boy. You state that the pattern link was in last Friday’s email. Unfortunately, I do subscribe, but I did not receive an email on Friday. Please forward this link to me. I have looked in trash, spam, everywhere and cannot find it. Thank you so much! Diane

  2. says

    These are lovely, I’m going to venture to make them for my boy who is 15 months and I’ll try to lengthen the legs too…Maybe I’m a bit pretentious!

  3. Sweetnessprecious says

    My BFF is having her first grandchild and I am going to make several of these for her to keep at her house for those little accidents that happen at grandma’s. My boy is 43 and I can remember needing these in the diaper bag just to clean him up when we left grandma’s to go somewhere else. Thanks and I love your teaching ability and willingness to help us. God Bless You and yours.

  4. Betsy says

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Yes, I know I am yelling – I am the lady that asked you about doing this – I have an antique monogrammed woven towel and I have been searching for a romper pattern that would showcase the monogram – this will be PERFECT!

  5. Christenna says

    I just finished my first boy’s romper. I absolutely love it. It was easy, and with pictures made it even easier for us who are visual learners. Thanks again for this pattern. I already bought material for two more. They were fast and oh soooo cute.

  6. KATZ' says

    Love the outfit. I have 1 suggestion…..If you will run the button holes up and down they will not cone unbuttoned all the time. Ask me how I know.

  7. rosita bynoe says

    I can´t wait for Friday to get the pattern for Boy Romper to make some for my first grand-child 20 months old . Like your tutorial. plain and clesr. Thanks Rosita

  8. anne conway says

    cannot find the pattern for the boys romper would love to make it for my grandson. please direct me to it cheers anne

    • says

      The Baby Boy Romper is available exclusively to weekly email subscribers. See the top right where it says “Weekly Emails” to subscribe.

      Your link will be in the welcome email you get after confirming your subscription in the confirmation email.

      If you’ve lost your link or can’t find the welcome email, the link is also included in all of the weekly email newsletters; these go out on Fridays.

  9. rosita bynoe says

    This morning got your pattern for the Romper and will make one right now . I will let you know how it came out. Love your site.

  10. Diane Baxter-MacArthur says

    This is so cute, I would love to try this as I’m a new sewer, but having trouble finding this pdf pattern! I have subscribed to both daily & weekly e-mails. Am I the only one having trouble? I was also having trouble getting the pdf pattern for the ruffled bloomers. The tutorials are there, but not the pdf patterns to download. I have even tried double clicking on the link and saving to desktop with same results….no pattern! Please help. Thanks

    • says

      Links to these patterns are available only to newsletter subscribers, and only in the newsletter.

      If you are having trouble downloading, try right clicking on the link and choosing “Save to Computer”. Once saved, then try opening it from where you saved it.

      Sometimes certain email programs make viewing the PDF difficult; if you are on a mobile device you may not see the pattern, or if you are using certain mail programs on your computer. Try logging in to your email through the internet, not a mail program, and on a computer, not a mobile device.

      If you’ve lost your link or can’t find the welcome email, the link is also included in all of the weekly email newsletters; these go out on Fridays.

  11. deb coleman says

    can the romper also be made for a girl using girly prints?…i can’t find the email this pattern is on..can you send me the link so i down load the pattern?

    • sherry says

      I am a subscribed weekly newsletter, however I do not know where to get the baby boy romper pattern. I would really like this pattern

  12. Diane says

    Thank you so much for this free pattern. This was so easy to sew with great instructions, and I’m new to sewing. It turned out great!

  13. Judith S says

    Style never goes out!!!! I love how what was old is still loved, I made stuff like this over 30 years ago i loved it then and love it now! keep doing what you do!! I love it.

  14. Susan says

    I love this pattern. I have a 2 week old grandson and my daughter wants me to make him a romper for Valentines. I subscribed as instructed but can not find the pattern – would you mind directing me to the pattern. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Shil says

    Hi, thank you so much for this tutorial. I am very new to sewing. Do you recommend any specific kind of lining for this project? (Sorry this will be my first project with a lining, so I don’t have any clue). Thanks for the help

  16. Sandra Brown says

    I just ran across your website, joined and downloaded your Baby Romper pattern. I can’t wait to get started. You are excellent at your visual instructions. A huge Thumbs-Up! I have been sewing 50+ years and it’s not often you get a free pattern that is this excellent. Congrats! You are a natural and I look forward to trying your other patterns.
    Sandra (retired in Arizona)

  17. Sandra Brown says

    Question…did you make your labels? They are awesome. If not, could you please share where you had them made? I would love to have that look for my grandsons clothes.
    Thank again.

  18. says

    I’m having a baby boy this summer and these are going to be great on him! I’m so excited to make him a few, don’t want to go overboard though since babies grow SO FAST lol. Your son is completely adorable, btw, he’s still a cute little boy, but who can resist those baby rolls!

  19. Rachelle says

    Hi there, just wondering what would i need to do to make this for my little guy whos 6 months? do you have the pattern for older boys?

    • Irene says

      I love the romper pattern . Just going to subscribe now. I have been making little girls dresses and pinafores but feel bit sexist as I have nothing for the boys. Hope I get pattern soon cant wait. Have just the perfect fabric

  20. Sandra Danforth says

    Love this romper , I have a grandson that would need size 12months , is it possible to enlarge pattern to that size? If so how do I do it?? Bless you for sharing these patterns with all of us.

  21. Irene says

    How fast was that!! Ijust subscribed and found boys romper and downloaded in matter of minutes. Know what I’m doing tomorrow.



  22. bunky says

    Thanks for your tutorial. I just joined but can’t get the pattern. Can you please forward it to me. Thanks (;

  23. Tess says

    I have just subscribed but still can’t get the pattern for the baby boy romper suit. Could you send it to me please?

  24. Lynda Thompson says

    I am a new subscriber to your newsletter and today discovered this wonderful boys’ romper pattern. Is it available to those who have recently signed up or did we have to be a subscriber when it was released?

  25. Lynda Thompson says

    sorry! Found it in my welcoming newsletter. My mother always said, “When all else fails, follow directions!”

  26. Irene says

    ~The boys romper pattern is great.!! I have made a few for my daughters friends. I have also adapted the bottom to a little flared skirt, just make sure the waist is same as top. It looks gorgeous, great if there are twins of different sexes in family. Thanks again Melly

  27. Tanya says

    thankyou so much, just made one using girly fabric…..I have tons of girly fabric so thought I would practice using that first :) It’s my baby’s due date today and I have no idea what im having, will be giving this practice pair to my friend for her baby girl if I have a boy. I kind of cheated and used Kam snap poppers instead of buttons. xx

  28. Marjan says

    Thank you very much for the pattern :) I just finished my first baby boy romper with a supercute aquarium-themed fabric and it is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!
    Allthough i cut and sewed the pattern pretty well (i think :D) I think I ended up with a romper more for a baby of 9 months. If I compare it with other clothes I bought that is.
    Anyway I’m actually glad it turned out a lot bigger, now he can enjoy it a lot longer!

  29. joanne martin says

    hi Melissa well I have made the little baby girl outfit and as my baby grandaughter is now 3 mts old she can fit into it. Today I saw the little boy romper and theought wait! I can turn this into a little girl one easy…wait and see. will post pictures if I can figuer out how.

  30. Tanya says

    Hey Melissa, how do we go about obtaining a limited production license in order to sell items made from your patterns in South Africa?

  31. Cristina Prata Neves says

    I loved the way you explain. Hope I will get the free patern of the romper though I am at least one yoear late do see this post.

  32. Janelle says

    Hi, I’m keen to make this gorgeous romper in larger sizes but I can’t see one for sale on your shop. Do you have one available to buy? I have read your handy post on grading but don’t think I’m up to doing that yet.

  33. Ethel Davila says

    You have the best tutorials. Even though I have a pattern for the boys’ romper, I use your tutorial to sew. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and descriptions.

  34. Lynda Thompson says

    Thank you, thank you for this pattern. I have looked and looked for a romper pattern with a yoke. Now, I’m begging you to make it for sale in larger sizes. I’m expecting my first grandson in April and need to get started on rompers for the summer. However, 9 – 3 mo. will be too small as he’s going to be a large baby. I can’t be the only person who need such a romper in larger sizes. I’m more than willing to pay for it—please be willing to make it—very soon! Thanks, again.

  35. Trayne says

    Love the pattern, but also think that with just different material, a little girl could wear this also, maybe add a little ruffle on the top straps. At this age just about the same. Got two friends, one with a boy and one with a girl, going to try the pattern for both..
    Thanks for the excellent tutorial (snaps are not my friend). Trayne

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