Sweet Sweater

This sweet girl (my niece) is getting big fast. But she still lets me indulge my girly clothing urges. This time it was a sweater.

I pretty much made this up as I was knitting. I double layered an edging stitch to on the bottom.

I love that the edging kind of looks like crochet but is actually knit.

She’s a skinny girl, like Tater, so she (and her mom) loved that this sweater wasn’t oversized on her.

I finished it by adding a button band and some big purple buttons. And I know someone is going to ask if there is a pattern and I am sorry to say that I suck at taking notes while I’m knitting, so a pattern would be a pain to re-create. I’m not ruling it out entirely – but if I do something, it will be like the bonnet I made her, where the pattern will come out months after you’ve forgotten the original project.

So for now this is one-of-a-kind couture.

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