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Today I’m going to show you how I made Tater’s trunks from the Beach Bums look. They really weren’t that hard. The hardest part was figuring out the fabric. I got the print microfiber from The Fabric Fairy, and the blue is nylon taffeta from Hancock Fabrics. The mesh liner on the inside is also from Hancock Fabrics.

I started with a one-piece pants pattern (if you don’t have one you can make one following the directions here). I traced the pattern onto my paper, then sketched in the curves for the right leg.

I flipped the pattern over and traced it again for the left leg, drawing a line across the top for the print fabric, making sure it would line up on the front and back crotch lines with the end of the print fabric on the right leg. Then I cut the pattern into pieces on my lines, adding 1/2″ seam allowances to each newly cut edge. After I  pinned and cut my fabric, I had this

And then I stopped taking pictures (sorry!) I sewed the pieces of the right leg together, then the pieces of the left leg. Then I sewed the pocket on the left leg, and from that point on sewed them together like normal shorts.

With the exception of the mesh liner

For that I traced the liners from Tater’s old trunks as a pattern, adding in an inch to the legs to make a casing. I encased elastic on the leg openings, then basted the top of the liner to the top edge of the trunks before attaching the waistband.

I also topstitched the seams flat with contrasting thread as I went along.

And there’s a stylish (and functional) pair of trunks if I do say so myself!

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  1. megan says

    I love these!! Great job!! I was wondering where you get your Melly Sews clothing labels done at? Do you make them yourself? Can you do a tutorial on it? I’m getting into sewing my own clothes and want to sell them so it would be something for me to consider doing. you can visit me at: or email me at [email protected]. Thanks!!:)

  2. Casey says

    Very nice! This reminded me to check on my kids swimming clothes, I might have to make my son something similar.

  3. Heather Painchaud says

    I love the fabric that you chose! And the detailed stitching?! Awesome! I’ve pinned this project :) I’m looking for guest posters during SHORTS WEEK on my blog ~ I would love to have you!!! Swing by tomorrow for more deets :) Thanks for sharing your talent!


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