Padded Camera Bag Pattern

The original camera bag I made, in this post, is one of my all time most viewed posts. And it’s one of my all time most pinned posts as well. But I wasn’t quite happy with the first version. So, I took it apart, remade it, and this time made a pattern! You can buy it in my shop, here

And then you can make your very own one of these

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    Ooohhh!!! Thank you SO much for your generosity. I love this bag and commented under your original post. I already follow via GFC. My pic in GFC is different. It’s ‘Threading My Way’.
    allmap (at) y7mail (dot) com

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    Hi! I am also a new follower, though I signed up to have it “private” instead of “public.” My email address is janika (dot) dillon (at) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to reading your blog and sewing up the camera case! Thanks!

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    hey, I’m a new follower. Actually finally signed up with google so I can follow you. thanks for the push! needed to that for awhile. I’m emorga2.


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    I already follow you :) I can’t remember if it’s through my reader or GFC…I am not quite technically minded to work out the difference. My email address is pleasereleaseme.letmesew(at) and I’d love to sew this bag! :) xx

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    What a great bag! I can not wait to make it! I have the fabrics chosen already! Thanks! Impressive work here. I am now “publicly” following this blog :)

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    Dear Melly, that’s a wonderful deal! I’m a follower now and would enjoy to sew the beautifulst camera bag ever. My eMail adresse: sindynews[at]web[dot]de.

    I wish you and your family a happy christmas!

    Cheers, Sindy

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    Oh I love! And how generous of you to offer the pattern to your followers! I am your newest follower via google! Signed up under Dana Manar (image says Crafted Niche) and my email is craftedniche(at)


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    You are awesome! I totally need one of these and I’ve been racking my brain since your original post to see if I could figure it out. Do you think it would work with a leathery vinyl?

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    Um this is amazing. You are so awesome! I love that yellow fabric. I am saving this… for a long time from now when I have the guts to try it. Or maybe I’ll buy it and send it to a much more talented friend to make it for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    This is a great bag! We’re currently using a padded lunch bag with batman on it as our camera case (my husband’s choice :-) ). It would be nice to have a more feminine one for myself. I’m curious what you would say the sewing difficulty of this bag is? Easy, Medium, Difficult? Thanks!

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    I stumbled across your blog doing a Google search for a DSLR camera bag pattern. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I just purchased it, and can’t wait to get the supplies and make it.

    Thanks again!

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