Football jersey

Since we watch so much football thanks to Hubby’s job, Tater has been asking for his own football jersey FOREVER. He has a puzzle with numbers and has been known to run around holding the numbers on his shirt to pretend it’s a jersey.

Update – want this pattern in sizes 18m-8? You can purchase it here, already drafted for you.  Plus the pattern has an even easier way to construct the V neckline.

Just a Jersey Pattern - PDF Sewing Pattern for Boys and Girls by Blank Slate Patterns

So, for Christmas, Tater, Bean and their cousin will be getting their own football jerseys – Numbers 01, 02 and 03 to reflect their ages. And of course  I had to go as authentic as I could, so it involved a new pattern.

To do this, you need a basic t-shirt pattern. If you don’t have one, see this post.

To make the shirt with the seam across the chest and no sleeve seams (just like a real jersey), I first drew a straight line on my paper. I lined up the center front of my t-shirt front and back pieces against the line, overlapping the seam allowances at the collar.

I traced the armhole edges and collar edges with the pieces in place like this (I was using my v-neck t pattern; see this post to make a v-neck), and got a piece that looked like this

I laid that piece on paper and laid the sleeve piece on it, lined up at the bottom edge, and traced it. Then I flipped the sleeve piece over to the back and traced again. This pattern adds some width to the sleeve since you take out the shoulder slant of the original t-shirt.

My final top piece looked like this

For the bottom, I just traced the original t-shirt pattern from the armholes down, adding 1 inch to the bottom since I was adding a seam across the shirt.

I put in the v-neck ribbing in the collar, then appliqued the numbers onto the shirt front and back.

I had 3 pieces at this point – a top, lower front and lower back.

I sewed on the front and back

Then sewed the side and underarm seams. I hemmed the bottom and sleeves, and had Tater try it on.

It was chilly, so he had another shirt underneath.

It’s the perfect shirt for getting ready to snap a ball

Catching a pass

Or tucking the ball to run

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