All Your Life Skirt

I think I’ve mentioned before (like in the Ruffled Corset T-Shirt post)  that I’m a wee bit in love with Kimberly Perry’s outfit in the video for “All Your Life”

Just like her pretty corset, though, a full length chiffon ruffled skirt isn’t exactly practical for my life. So here’s my more wearable take on it.

I made it out of a poly-rayon interlock knit, so that it can wear for more than one season here. The knit stretches widthwise a little, but not lengthwise at all, which I thought was good so that the weight of the ruffles wouldn’t cause it to droop.

I think the red will let me wear it as a holiday skirt as well as enjoy it during the summer.

And yes, I took these pictures today and this is what December 18 looks like in Central Texas – the Bradford pear trees finally changed colors.

Here’s how I made the cool inset. I used a basic A-line skirt pattern, and then altered it. First, I cut out a triangle over my left thigh on the front piece.

Then I made the back longer in the center, like a fishtail skirt

Next I made three pieces shaped like this

The longest one was 9 inches at the longest part of the circle, the next was 7 inches, and then 5 inches. I used my new serger to do a rolled hem on the edges of these three pieces. Where the fabric stretched, I got a lettice effect, which was not planned but I like it. Then I lay those three pieces on top of each other and basted them together across the top.

I pinned this to the skirt front like this

And sewed it in place

Finally I made a bunch of 5 inch wide circle ruffle, did a rolled edge hem on it,  and sewed it all the way around the bottom of the skirt.

I added some sweater tights from Target, boots borrowed from my mom’s closet, and since I’m the girl Hubby is going to love all his life, he agreed to take some quick pictures of it for me.

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  1. Smallgood says

    It’s beautiful! Nice work and I love the tights you’ve paired it with. Love the line about your husband taking the pictures. Ain’t that the truth?

  2. Rachel says

    This is beautiful, I love red, and I love the romantic ruffly look, I think you did a good job bringing the look to real life. And I love that you’re taking inspiration from the Band Perry, I love them!

  3. Andrea Brand . Charcoal and Crayons says

    The skirt is gorgeous and I love the outfit that you put together. Definitely something that I’d wear!

  4. Katy Cameron says

    Very cute, although I think I’d freeze my posterior off if I tried wearing that right now in central Scotland!

  5. Braden and Amarissa Ainsworth says

    Yes!! You are seriously my hero!!!! I have had this skirt design floating around in my head for a couple months, but I wasn’t sure how to actually make it. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!
    amarissahancey (at)

  6. amycatherine says

    This is so great! Beautiful and easy tutorial to follow. Gives me even more inspiration to make a skirt for myself soon. :)

  7. Sharon Andy Holderman says

    I am so impressed. I’m just learning how to sew with a new sewing machine, but I just might have to try this after the holidays are over! (visiting from Tip Junkie!)


    brilliant creation, so lovely , and i can actually make this , thanks so much for sharing , i appreciate it and cant wait to make one simply beautiful :)

  9. Paula Zmudzinski says

    My 12 year old daughter and I just made this skirt. She used a purple hued tartan plaid light weight flannel fabric. Much different than what you showed. She LOVES it! I love teaching her how to create things with the sewing machine.

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