Sewing a Zipper Fly


For Day 2 of Kids Clothes week (yesterday) I sewed the zip flys for my two pairs of Clean Slate Shorts. Today I’m sharing how to sew a zipper fly – the VIDEO version! After this, there are no excuses for sewing a zipper fly - they’re easy, promise! To start, I cut out some Clean Slate Read the Rest…


Kids Drawing Case Tutorial

Kids Drawing Case can hold coloring book or coloring pages and crayons - Melly Sews

Hey y’all. I just realized I never really announced the theme for July – it’s Travel.  So today I have a tutorial for this drawing case that can be handy in cars, on airplanes, or even on a trip to the fabric store. It’s made basically the same way as my iPad case, but without Read the Rest…


Carry Everything Tote Tutorial

Carry Everything Tote Tutorial

Back in January when I went to Alt, I ended up carrying this leather tote around a lot.  Which is why today I’m sharing this tote tutorial. You see, that leather tote, though I love it for library books and laptop carrying, led to some embarrassing situations, where I felt like I spent most of the Read the Rest…


Womens Pillowcase Dress – (30) Days of Sundresses

Women's Pillowcase Dress Tutorial - mellysews.com

OK y’all…imagine I’m really draaaawwling today as I take you through this women’s pillowcase dress tutorial. Because I’m wearing a dress…and boots…and I’m leading my horse around the fields. So this is about as Texan as I can get, y’all. I’ve been asked before about a pillowcase tutorial for women, and I have to admit…I Read the Rest…


How to Sew a Hat

How to sew a hat - http://mellysews.com

Hey y’all – we’re wrapping up menswear sewing month with this tutorial on hats. I’m going to show you how I made this particular hat, but also share a template that will help you draft any kind of hat you want and then sew a hat. Let’s start by talking about the parts of a Read the Rest…


Draft a Mens Shorts Pattern

How to draft mens shorts pattern - http://mellysews.com

Long ago, when my husband and I were newlyweds, I made him a pair of lounging around the house shorts. He worn them to shreds. So I made him another pair. And these are SO EASY, so today I’m going to show you how both how to draft a mens shorts pattern and how to Read the Rest…