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Marigold Sewing Pattern - Dress version, by Blank Slate Patterns

Currently, it is allergy season where I live, and like every year I don’t remember to start taking my allergy meds until after I’ve been hit. Which means that after sitting outside all Friday night for a football game (ah, the joys of being a coach’s wife), I utterly and completely lost my voice. I partially regained it Monday, only to lose it again yesterday. Ugh.

Why am I sharing that?

Because that, y’all, is the story behind these photos. I dropped my kids off at school Monday morning, then dragged my sleep deprived (it’s hard to sleep when you’re having coughing fits) self and my camera remote to various locations around town to photograph the  8 Days a Week  pieces I sewed. Much to the amusement of the landscapers and dump truck drivers I kept running into. They couldn’t figure out what I was DOING, and I caught more than one bemused smile. And laughter. Actual laughter. You’re welcome.

BUT – I am so excited to share my pattern from the 8 Days a Week Collection that I powered through exhaustion, black undereye circles (thank you sunglasses and photoshop) and weird looks from people at their jobs who couldn’t figure out that this is part of my job.

And so, I give to you the Marigold.

Transitional weather dress - Marigold Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

This pattern started out as a sketch for a dress with either cap or long cuffed sleeves. And then as we discussed sample versions, I thought, “well, why not make it a peplum? It’s just another length line.” And then Shauna went and made a high-low peplum, and so I had to add that option, and when all was said and done I figured why not add a waistband piece and let people make a skirt only option? And then I threw in a sash, too, for good measure.

So yeah, this pattern is kind of a wardrobe in itself.

Line Drawing - Marigold Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

But today we’re talking about the dress.

Close up - Marigold Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

The fabric is a very lightweight chambray-ish fabric that I found in the LA fabric district back in June. I was so happy to come across it, because it’s very similar to the remnant I found in Dallas back in March that I wanted to keep for myself but ended up using for this Bookworm Button Up sample. Both fabrics have the white thread/blue thread warp and weft weave like chambray, but weight wise they’re like voile.

Marigold Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

That makes this the perfect fabric for a fall dress in Central Texas. As you can see in the yellow background photos, you can cuff those long sleeves to elbow length while it’s still warm enough, and pair with some strappy heels and bare legs. I will be wearing my dress this way for about a month still.

Side view - Marigold Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

But for those of you who have 4 seasons (not just hot and coldish with a few weeks of Heaven on Earth thrown in between) and who are maybe getting into actual, real autumn, you can roll those sleeves right on down, and if it’s really getting nippy (which is anything under 70 degrees here) add some leggings (from the Go To Knit Pants – also in the 8 Days a Week bundle)  and boots and voila! Fall uniform achieved.

Chambray dress + leather tote and boots = fall outfit - Marigold Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

Another thing I should mention, since it’s not super easy to see with the sash on – this dress has an elastic waist. Combine that with the buttons on the front, and this could also be a great post-partum/nursing look. I know when I was nursing I rarely wore dresses, because of accessibility issues.

Love pockets! - Marigold Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

And of course – POCKETS! Confession: It is super duper easy to add side seam pockets to a dress or skirt. And I never remember to do it. So rounded pockets like the ones on this dress are my solution to remember to cut out pockets. Because who wants a dress without pockets, amiright?

Fall dress inspiration - chambray, leggings and boots - Marigold Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

Alright, convinced that you NEED this pattern and the others that are bundled together at 40% off? GET 8 DAYS A WEEK PATTERNS HERE. 

Or, maybe you just need to see a few more options with these patterns? Well, your wish is my command. We’ve lined up a bunch of different bloggers today who are posting their 8 Days a Week Collections. See below for links.


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  1. Diana says

    I bought this pattern set when I got the first email about it. Mainly for this pattern! I’m in love with it and all the options! I really look forward to making everything in the set and this dress in as many combos as I can! Thank you!

  2. yvonne says

    Melly, this is such a cute dress, it reminds me of a coat dress. I’m liking the different looks that you can get from it.
    Very nicely done!

  3. says

    i love this dress, Melissa! looks so comfy and wearable, i’m sure you’ll reach for it over and over. cool to see it both in Shauna’s chiffon and in your chambray-ish fabric. want it!

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