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How to Make Re-usable Dry Erase Placemats for Kids - MellySews.com

Hey y’all – its a surprise Friday placemat tutorial because I’m participating in the Home Sewn series hosted by Living with Punks!  (Psst – make sure you read all the way to the end of the post – there’s a giveaway you won’t want to miss!)

HS 450


So I have two issues when it comes to dinner with little boys. One is that by the time it’s time for me to make dinner, they are often D.O.N.E. and all they want to do is fight with each other or get in my way. The other is that when dinner is finally made and served, they are a mess. So I put my thinking cap on and this is what I came up with to help with both problems.

Fun for kids and practical too! How to Make Re-usable Dry Erase Placemats for Kids - MellySews.com

This way, they have something to do before dinner that does not involve contact with their brother, and then the placemats (which are washable) catch a lot of the crumbs before the floor does.

Want to make your own? You’ll need:

  • Fabric with drawings. I used this Ikea fabric, but it’s not available online. You could also draw your own with Sharpies on canvas.
  • Heat n’ Bond Thermoweb (affiliate link) I ordered mine online, but I think the big chain fabric stores carry it as well.
  • Backing fabric. I used some scrap denim I had from the fireplace bumper  we made years ago.

Materials - How to Make Re-usable Dry Erase Placemats for Kids - MellySews.com

Cut your artwork fabric and the vinyl to 18″x14″ rectangles. The backing fabric should be 16″x 20″.

Iron the vinyl to your artwork fabric following the package instructions.

Iron all edges of your backing fabric 1″ to the wrong side.

Fold and iron - first step for mitered placemat corners

At each corner, you’ll see a square made by the iron marks. Fold that square diagonally, then cut it off on the diagonal. Center you vinyl covered artwork in the middle of your placemat and fold the corners onto it as shown below. The point of the corner of the artwork fabric is touching the fold of the denim.

How to sew a mitered corner on placemats - MellySews.com

Fold the raw edges of your backing fabric so they touch the raw edges of the artwork fabric.

Fold a mitered corner on a placemat

Fold the edges again, this time onto the artwork fabric, forming mitered corners.

Placemat sewing tutorial

Stitch in place around all 4 sides of the placemat.

Sew a mitered corner

And you’re done! Get those dry erase markers out (make sure each kid has a set so they won’t fight) and cook dinner while they color.

Catch crumbs and keep kids busy - I need these! How to Make Re-usable Dry Erase Placemats for Kids - MellySews.com

These would be great to take to restaurants as well - How to Make Re-usable Dry Erase Placemats for Kids - MellySews.com

Keep your kids at the table while you cook - How to Make Re-usable Dry Erase Placemats for Kids - MellySews.com

Thanks so much to Susan for putting this series together. Oh, and that giveaway you don’t want to miss? Look at these prizes! Click on the image to go to the post to enter.
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  1. Diana says

    Now I know what to have when our friends come over with their kids or grandchildren for dinner or a bbq .. Have a few of these ready and markers , they can then do their thing while we are preparing ..
    Thanks for the idea !!

  2. Janice says

    Very cute idea. Re the chalkboard dust problem perhaps a damp cloth instead of an eraser would help. On another note, I had trouble finding the giveaway entry form. Can you help?

  3. emilia says

    i don’t know how they will react on the thermoweb… but there are also dry erase crayons. they don’t dry out (cuz my squirrely lil dudes are moving fast and forgetful!!) and you have less of that weird dry erase dust. these look fabulous by the way. i think that paper would work too under some shiny layer. laminated? just not machine washable, only wipeable. but still sewable!!

  4. Ann says

    I am confused as to what type of vinyl you used. I didn’t see any listed under materials but the directions say to cut the vinyl? It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try to make them.

  5. Dimmity says

    What a fantastic post. Thank you :)
    Looking forward to making this for my lil gremlin. Would make a fantastic present too! Just love it!

  6. G Cianci says

    i love that Ikea fabric but i was never sure what i wanted to create with it. this is genius! are they actually machine washable or just workable? i have the iron on vinyl but haven’t tried it yet.

  7. says

    What a fab idea! I would love to make this for my little boy, just hope I can find some cute fabric to use. Thank you for the tutorial :)

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