Tips for Sewing Vinyl

Tips and Tricks to Sew Vinyl

Today I’m sharing my top 3 tips for sewing vinyl. Vinyl can be a tricky fabric to sew, but use these tips and it should be smooth sailing.

Tips to Sew Vinyl

  1. Cut with a rotary cutter

  2. Use tissue paper to sew without sticking

  3. Don’t pin

Tips for sewing vinyl - use a rotary cutter -

Use a rotary cutter – this is particularly important if you’re not going to sew something to the vinyl – if the edge is going to be exposed, you want it to be a smooth edge.

Incidentally, if your vinyl is not laying flat, hovering your iron over it can help you flatten it. DON’T touch the vinyl with the iron, you could melt it. But if you heat it, it will be easier to flatten.

Hover iron over vinyl to help flatten it

Use tissue paper to sew without sticking. When sewing vinyl you may find your machine has trouble feeding it, on either the presser foot side or the feed dog side (or both!). If you find this happening to you, put tissue paper between the vinyl and the side that is having trouble. The tissue paper will easily tear off when you’re done stitching.

Sewing Vinyl - Toy Storage Bucket Tutorial - Melly Sews

Don’t pin vinyl. Use wonder clips, paper clips, or even transparent tape to hold things in place for stitching.

Step 4-2 - Jewelry Travel Bag - Melly Sews

Pins will leave permanent holes. On the same note, use a long stitch length to sew vinyl. This means less holes in the vinyl and less chances of tearing at a needle hole.

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  1. KChu says

    I really hope these work! Next time I’m trying them, especially the tissue paper one. I have tried clear tape on the presser foot as one comment mentioned and it did nothing for me. Thank you for the tips!

    • KChu says

      Update: I used your tips and I love sewing vinyl now!!!! Using the tissue paper made all the difference. No more sticking and the tape worked wonders. Thank you soooo much! You have made sewing vinyl such a pleasure and will be sewing more with it. Can’t thank you enough!!!

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