How to Store Scrap Fabric In Plain Sight

How to Store Scrap Fabric - Hide it in Plain Sight! -

When I was a little girl learning to sew, my mom would give me her scrap fabric. My mom is not what you would call a fabric hoarder at all, but she did sew a lot for us, and so there was a big box of scraps for me to use. And from that was born this tip about how to store your scrap fabric.

You see, sometimes I’d make pillows for my dolls. And sometimes when I got the itch to do this, there wasn’t stuffing at the house. If you’ve ever read one of my posts with horses (like this one, or this one) you know I grew up out in the country. Which meant I got to have horses. But it also meant that the fabric store was anywhere near us. Also, I have two younger brothers. Now that I’m a mom to two boys, I can completely sympathize with why she wouldn’t want to take us to the fabric store.

Where is this all going? Well in order to stuff my pillows, I would turn to the same scrap fabric box that I used to make the pillows.

How to store your scrap fabric - inside pillows - genius!

So those zipper pillows from yesterday? Yup, full of scraps.

Use a zippered pillow to store scrap fabric -

And because I now have a lot more fabric (and therefore scraps) to store, I’ve taken it a step further. My zipper pillow colors were purposely chosen to coordinate with the fabric I wanted to stuff them with. So the blue pillow is holding blue and blue print scraps, the gray/black/white pillow has my gray, black and white fabrics.

Stuff pillow forms with fabric scraps to store your scraps in plain sight -

That’s also why I used zippers – easy access to the scraps when I need them!

A chair cushion conceals fabric scraps -

See, I told you I had something up my sleeve (or, more accurately in my pillows) that related to organization with that tutorial yesterday!

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  1. says

    I adore this idea! I have all this scrap fabric and stuff to be upcycled that is taking up room in my closet at the same time I am in dire need of seat cushions for my desk chair and bar stools. I can’t wait to get started on these.

  2. says

    This is such a brilliant idea! I just moved my craft room to a bigger space in the house, and I’m hoping to maybe have a small couch down there at some point. I could have lots of fun throw pillows in different colors now, and they’d be fully functional! :)

  3. Faye Nettles says

    I love the pillows but cannot for the life of me imagine sitting on them. My old behind can only imagine lumpy and not smooth. It is lumpy and not smooth on it’s own. Cute idea though.

  4. ScottieLee says

    I am in shock! I am dreaming of a different world now! My husband and I live in a VERY shall I say rustic country home, and I am always looking for new ways to store my crafting supplies. I have almost 3 rooms in our country home that are never used so it tends to get cluttered quickly. I live in the middle of nowhere so a trip to any store is at least 30 minutes, so I know what you must have felt! I have been searching and searching for ways to organize and store everything and this is the AW most inspiring post I have seen so far! Thank you so so so much, you are a genius!!

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