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Paper Doll Media Kits - Such a Cute Idea -

Hey y’all! I’m just back from Alt Summit which was a whirlwind of a few days! I’ll be sharing more about this over the next few weeks, but today I wanted to share my little business card/media kit packs I handed out. And if you keep reading, there are some printables for you too!

Cue miniature pattern envelopes -

I struggled with how to present both my blog and pattern company. My normal business cards are front and back – one side blog, one side shop. But for Alt I felt like I needed to kick it up a notch. So I started with two miniature pattern envelopes – one boy and one girl. It was fun to let people choose which they wanted, except I almost always had to dig in my tote to make sure I had one of each in hand.

Ah, the tote bag issue. I swear, you need something tote bag sized for everything you have to carry, but digging to find things drove me insane. I think there is a better solution and I vow to sew it before I attend another conference. Because I felt like the girl who was constantly digging in her bag.

I printed these on legal size paper, then folded, so finished size they were about 5 1/2 inches tall.

Mini Media Kit -

On the back of the envelope I put a picture of myself (to help people put blog/shop together with my face since they were meeting me in person) and a few little facts about me. You can also see my both the front and back of my business card above. And the tiny scissors! Those were possibly my favorite part.

Paper Dolls for Blank Slate Patterns -

I included the tiny scissors because a) they’re cute and b) just in case anyone wanted to actually cut their paper dolls out. I cartoonized and drew images from photos I had to make a boy and a girl paper doll wearing examples of my patterns. I might do a cartoonize-ing (spell check is hating me for that made up word!) post in the future if anyone is interested – if you are let me know in the comments!

Blank Slate Patterns Paper Doll Clothing -

I also cartoonized a few outfits for each doll. The hardest part of this was that since I was working off actual photos, the shoulders didn’t always match up with the new outfits to cover the ones the dolls are wearing. I could have done some manipulation and more drawing to make it work, but these were already taking more time than I originally wanted them to. So I decided to just move the cut lines out on the paper clothes.

And for all of you I didn’t get to meet in person (I wish I could have!) I have both the dolls and their clothes available as printables. Click here for the dolls and here for the clothes.

And below is a sampling of the cards I was given at Alt – there were definitely some very cool ones. And some very useful ones. I want to hold off talking about my favorites until/if their owners post about them.

Cards from Alt Summit

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  1. Carol Gardiner says

    Melissa, you definitely “kicked it up a notch.” So cute, they will certainly help people remember you. Everyone probably went back to their rooms to play with your paper dolls :)

  2. says

    I love your card packs they are so stinking cute! I made card/swag bags for snap last year (still need to blog them) that I clip to my purse or bag and they totally save me from the endless digging now. Okay blogging those is on my to do list

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