Free Christmas Stocking Pattern and Tutorial

Appliqued Stockings - Free Christmas Stocking Pattern - Melly Sews #holiday #Christmas #DIY #sewing

Hey y’all – today I’m participating in the Holiday Sewing Blog Tour over at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, and I’m sharing a free Christmas stocking pattern.

This pattern is complete with a few applique options. Between my parents, my brothers, their wives and all our children, we have 12 of these hanging at my parents’ house every Christmas, and I’ve sewn all of them.

To make - Free Christmas Stocking Pattern - Melly Sews #holiday #Christmas #DIY #sewing

To make your own stockings, you’ll need:

  • The stocking pattern – free to newsletter subscribers. If you’re already a subscriber you got yours this morning with your weekly newsletter (though the newsletter might have said it was from Pattern Anthology – forgot to change the from line!). If you’re not a subscriber, you can fix that here.
  • Heat n’ Bond Lite
  • Fabric – I use 1/2 yard of this diamond quilted fabric for the main stocking and 1/4 yard of the contrast fabric
  • Jingle bells for the poinsettia stocking

For the poinsettia stocking, cut 10 large petals, 5 medium petals, 5 small petals, 3 large leaves and 2 small leaves. For the tree stocking cut one of each tree. Cut one of each applique item from Heat ‘n Bond light as well.

Fold the straight raw edge of the toe 1/2″ toward the wrong side and press. Position toe on stocking and topstitch in place along folded edge. If desired, place piping under the edge. (See this tutorial for more about piping) You may baste around curved edge if desired.


Iron the Heat ‘n Bond to the back of each applique following instructions on the package. Iron appliques onto stocking, starting with the bottom layer. For the tree stocking this is easy; just make sure your trees don’t get too close to the seam allowances.


For the poinsettia stocking this is a little harder, so follow this placement guide.




Outline applique pieces on each layer with a blanket stitch in contrasting thread before moving on to the next layer.


Once the appliqueing is done, you’re ready to sew the stocking. Start by placing the two main stockings right sides together. Stitch around edges, leaving top open. Turn stocking right side out.


Take the cuff and press the two long edges in 1/2″ to the right side. Unfold, then fold right sides together matching the short edges. Stitch across the short edge. Refold raw edges on pressing lines. Take the cuff tube and unroll the top part over the bottom part, so that the folded edges are matched and you have a tube with right side of fabric showing on both the inside and outside of tube.



With the stocking right side out, cover the top edge with your cuff tube. Stitch around the bottom of the cuff tube to secure the cuff to the stocking and enclose raw edges.


Fold the hanger piece in half, right sides together, matching long edges. Stitch, trim seam to 1/4″, then turn right side out.


Fold the hanger in half. Pin the hanger to the inside of the stocking at the side seam, and stitch vertically through the side seam to secure it in place.


And enjoy your new stocking!



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    Thank you! I was looking through all my favorite patterns and tutorials for boys and I realized that a majority are from your blog! I really, really appreciate all you do and for the tutorials (and other goodies) you have for boys it used to be so hard to find anything cute to make my 3 (soon to be 4) boys but because of bloggers like you there is so much more to choose from. Thank you again for all your hard work and quality instructions!

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