Starsky Sweater

Starsky Sweater knitted by Melly Sews

Just in time to take to SNAP with me – I’ve finished my Starsky Sweater!

While I do love it, there are a few things I changed from the original pattern (Starsky by Jordanna Paige via Knitty). First of all, the original is designed with 8 inches of ease. I knew that would swallow me, so I took out a lot of the ease. The easiest way to do this in the pattern was for me to eliminate the knit stripes in between the panels. So the panels across my back look a little different.

Starsky Sweater knitted by Melly Sews

Starsky Sweater knitted by Melly Sews

Next, I changed the yarn. The yarn used in the original is no longer available (though there is an equivalent substitute), and after the whole felted sweater incident, I decided I better stick to non-feltable (superwash) wool. So I used Bare Swish Bulky.

Starsky Sweater knitted by Melly Sews

I ended up frogging about 2 feet of the tie after I made it, because it was just waaaay too long on me. Like getting caught in doors long.

I deliberately made the sleeves long, because I have issues with too short sleeves often. And now they’re a little too long, but I can deal with that. They’re also slightly baggier than I would prefer, but not a big enough deal to reknit.

And looking at the forecast for Lehi this weekend, it’s perfect timing to get this done – I have a feeling I will be wearing it constantly at the conference. I don’t see how people can live where it’s in the 40s and snowing in APRIL. Here we’ve been enjoying wildflowers and 70s and 80s for highs. I’ll take the 100+ degree summers anytime over snow and cold.

Starsky Sweater knitted by Melly Sews

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    Wow! Looks great! :) Hope you have a good time at the conference. I live where it’s still in the 40s and 50s in April and it drives me crazy. I hate winter. I didn’t realize how lucky I was growing up in San Diego.

  2. says

    That sweater is amazing and you look fantastic! I can see Paul Michael Glaser wearing it in my fantasies. :) School girl crush still. He was the original Starsky from the tv program in the 1970s.

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