Slice of Life Sunday – Word of the Year Part 2

Last week I talked about finding a word of the year – a theme word or motif to guide you.

And I tried lots of words on for size (grow, stretch, dedicate) before suddenly hitting on my word for the year:

As soon as I said it in my head, I knew that was my word. Because I have a degree in English, the connotations of words are important to me. And the connotations of “Extend” excited me more than any other word I tried on.

First you have the connotation of broadening in size and scope, which is definitely something I want to do with this blog. Big things are happening around here – I’ve started an email list (check right below my menu bar on the right hand side – I promise the weekly emails aren’t just a recap of blog posts) taken on some Sponsors, later this month you’ll get to see my first project as a Pellon Project Artist, and for at least the next three months I’m going to be a weekly contributor at The Sewing Loft. There are new patterns I’m designing (a whole spring collection of photos!) and I’m putting together a class on using Illustrator to draft and format PDF patterns for yourself or for sale.  And I have a planned migration from Blogger to WordPress in the works, though not a firm timeline to share with you on that. 
But even more importantly, I like that extend also means to reach beyond yourself. To connect with others. I need to get out from behind the computer screen more often and connect with people in my life. It’s going to be a balancing act, but I’m game for it. I think of babies, who automatically extend their arms and a smile, and that makes them irresistible. 
Bean at 11 months old
My word even carries over into exercise, something I’ve put on the backburner (and my waistline is showing it). I need to extend my intention to planning time for exercise, not wasting time on the internet. And one of the exercises I want to do more of is yoga – I’ve taken a couple classes recently after a long break, and I forgot just how good yoga can make me feel. I’ve also found a studio that makes me very comfortable – which is important because my house is never quiet enough to do yoga at home anymore with two boys running around. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get back into ballet workouts too (not that I was ever a dancer, I just enjoy The New York City Ballet Workout)

I just need to be careful in all of this not to over-extend myself, to remember to extend grace to others as well as myself. 

For more inspirational photos/quote relating to Extend, you can check out my pinterest board for the year here.
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  1. says

    Melissa, you have inspired me! My word this year is ‘Discovery’ and like you as soon as I landed on it I felt a sense of excitement and wonder! I too have set up a pinterest board and am going to finally restart my blog using this as its basis…such an exciting year ahead! Thank you for the inspiration, you have ‘extended’ your passion my way 😉

  2. says

    Ooooh. I like extend. My word this year is deliberate. I want to focus on being more deliberate with what I have, my family, time, money, etc.
    Good luck extending!

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