Leggings and Flannel How To – 1990s to now


I had a grand plan on my blog for this month (I do a monthly blog planning calendar) – today I was going to show you how to draft and sew your own leggings.

But have you been following along with the Stretch Yourself Series at One Little Minute and Mad Mim?

So yeah, Miranda just did an awesome leggings tutorial, and that left me trying to think of something else to post today.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen these shoes


And those, combined with a funny facebook conversation with Shannon and Heidi and Erin led me to the idea of updating a 1990s look. Because some of us (me) are old enough to have worn these trends (leggings) last time around (I won’t even say the first time around, because I don’t think it was. I mean technically, you can go back centuries and find men in leggings, so…)

And so I give to you: embarrassing photo of myself approximating outfits I wore out of the house (on purpose!) in the 90s


Oy, there are so many things wrong with that – and I’m not talking about the Doc Martens, which are and shall remain awesome. I’m talking about the beret, the oversized men’s flannel, the fact that besides my calves, this outfit gives me no shape whatsoever. So bad on so many levels (I busted out laughing right after this picture). What was I thinking? And how do I even have a husband or kids if I was going around dressed like that – or worse, in that outfit except with BAGGY JEANS! Hubby obviously loves me for my brain and personality is all I can figure.

So I took my 90s grunge flannel and refashioned and updating the styling so that I could wear it out of the house today without my husband wondering what was wrong with me.


So, go stop on by One Little Minute and learn how to make yourself some leggings. Then come back here tomorrow and I’ll give you the step-by-step reinvention on the shirt.

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  1. says

    The 90s were ridiculous. Haha. I swear the 80s were bad, but the 90s grunge look was so un-female-form-friendly. Everything I wore was basically a sack. This pic made me laugh so hard. I do LOVE your update thought. The Peter Pan collar is great.

  2. says

    that is quite an AWESOME transformation… and I remember that look all too well form the 90’s, just replace the leggings with baggy jeans (hmmmm… no wonder I didn’t have a boyfriend until the 2000’s)

  3. says

    hahaha i totally wore the same outfits … i think my leggings were stirrup pants though (i’m shuddering just thinking about it!). i love your updated version! though i still have a hard time wearing leggings with anything shorter than tunic-length. i definitely do not have the legs to wear them with anything shorter! but you look great :)

  4. Alexandra says

    I have almost all of my flannels from the 90’s (at my parents house), this made me laugh because I KNOW that I left the house in this outfit many times and returned with the flannel shirt tied around my waist.

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