Handmade Boy Style Volume 10

Tater in this Raglan Shirt

Hi all! Time for some more handmade boy style. This is the Tater and Bean growing at unequal rates edition. For example – I made the shirt Tater is wearing above over a year ago. It still fits fine.

His & Hers Henley Shirt

 As does this Henley shirt (though those wrists are about to peek out). But pants? All his old pants are highwater on him.

Austin Rocker Pants

But the pants fit Bean perfectly, even though he is over a year younger than Tater was when he wore them.

What’s up with that?

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  1. jacq says

    My boys…exact same issue.
    Mae is wearing stuff I made a year ago and Case is wearing stuff Mae wore a year ago, even though he’s two years younger!

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