Easy T-shirt Skirts – With Pockets!

My first new project of the new year!
If you follow me on Instagram  (@mellysews) you know that I got a great pair of boots for my birthday. And I’ve been loving the boots/tights look for the winter, but I didn’t always want to be in a dress. Plus I have a prodigious stash of thrifted t-shirts to refashion. So this idea was born. 
And also – these aren’t the new boots. These are the old ones. But I love them too.

And just because they’re so easy, I called my lovely sister-in-law (a budding seamstress – I’m bringing her over to the dark side of sewing addiction) and we made one for her too! 
And then, because we wanted a fun photoshoot after all our sewing, she called her sister, who is a photographer, and Rose of BFA Photography took these pictures (Side note – if you’re in the Austin area, you should totally check her out. You’ll see lovely photos of my niece all over her site, and she even offers discounts for educators and military all the time!)
We did a variation on the hem of the skirt for my sister-in-law, and I love it too. 
And because she’s my crazy sister-in-law, she also convinced me to do stuff on our shoot like this
Which as you regular blog followers know is not a pose I’d be doing while Hubby takes photos. 
Click HERE for the tutorial. They are like 30 minute easy, I promise! 

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  1. says

    I LOVE t-shirt skirts! I lived in them during/post pregnancy. I have never made them with pockets, and I too have a huge pile of t-shirts to whittle away at. Excited for the tutorial.
    (btw adorable photos!)

  2. Suzanne Winter says

    I’m loving the pose – and the skirts, they look comfy and fun…. wait, why am I on the internet????

  3. Justine of SewCountryChick says

    Looks like you two had a blast! I’m so jealous you have someone to sew with! These skirts would be great for girls to. Love pockets.

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