Slice of Life Sunday

I’m starting a new Sunday thing for me – sharing a little slice of my life. Sometimes it will be sewing related, most times not, and often it will be from Instagram. I hope to continue through at least the end of the year, and then we’ll see if I have shared everything I have to share or if I want to continue.

If you’ve ever read my profile page, you know that my husband is a football coach. He coaches at a high school. So from the end of July through the end of playoffs sometime in November, we don’t see a lot of him.

And we spend our Friday nights (and sometimes Thursday nights) like this:

The end of football season is always a little bittersweet. I’m thankful we’ll get to see my husband more. But sad because it’s always due to a playoff loss. So until next season…

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    I love “day in the life” post, it makes you feel like the blogger is normal just like me. I feel you on football season, my husband isn’t a coach, but football season directly affects us as well since we live in a college town. However, since this was the second worst football season in the history of Auburn’s football program, it wasn’t as bad as season’s past. My husband is an officer with Auburn and so he has to work every home football game for the high school and the university.

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