Slice of Life Sunday – A Yearly Theme Word

Have y’all ever chosen a theme word or New Year’s Word for yourselves? I stumbled across the concept here last year. Basically it’s a word you choose instead of a resolution, to help guide your choices and decisions for the year. For me it was much easier to stick to (does anyone ever stick to their New Year’s Resolutions?) and therefore had a more lasting impact.

After a lot of pondering, my word for last year was “Embrace”. As in embrace my loved ones, embrace opportunities…

Then I did what any sane blogger would do and I made a Pinterest Board about my word.

So this past year, I embraced the chance to quit teaching and launch my own business. I embraced hectic chances to compete in American Crafter and Project Run and Play back to back. I embraced the idea of myself as something other than a high school teacher. And of course I hugged my family a lot.

And it was amazing.

I am definitely doing this again this year, so I’ve been asking myself questions. You can use these too to start brainstorming your word for the year.

  1. What were the best things about last year? What words describe them?
  2. What did you feel was lacking last year?
  3. What do you want to accomplish this year? How do you want to feel while accomplishing it?

These should help you start generating a list of words, but ultimately it will boil down to what word feels “right”.

I’m still in the process of deciding on my word (hmmm….decisive?) for 2013. Come back next Sunday and I will share it with you, and if you choose a word I’d love to hear what it is. Feel free to leave some of your brainstorm words in the comments to help all of us as we brainstorm too.

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  1. says

    I think “peace” will be my word this year. I have been giving a lot of thought to the killing of all those children last month and I really think it is time that we encourage a culture of peacemakers. I have been mulling around how I can encourage peacemaking in my household.

  2. says

    Our family’s word is going to be “Grow” this year. We want to see increase in everything we’re laying our hands to – in relationships; friendships; hopefully in the size of our family – just…increase and growth all the way around. We want to encourage our kids to stretch themselves and to rise to challenges. I think it’s a good word for us for where we’re at right now.

    Happy New Year – I hope it’s wonderful!

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