Handmade Boy Style Volume 7

So the weather here keeps fluctuating – 80 for the high one day, 50 for the high the next day. It’s a cliche saying here, but if you don’t like the weather in Texas, stick around – it’ll change (except in the summer. Then it’s just hot for weeks on end). And because of that our Handmade Style is all over the board.

So we alternate between days where Tater tells me he needs his hat because his ears are cold
I’m glad the shirt Tater is wearing from this post still fits
To days where Bean decides it’s too hot for pants and dresses himself in shorts while he’s supposed to be napping.
Bean is wearing a Basic T-Shirt

To days that start out with long sleeves that end up pushed up to short sleeve length

Tater is wearing a Hipster Henley
And days when I’m glad I finally sewed Bean a raincoat.
Bean’s raincoat
But mostly we’ve just been enjoying gorgeous fall weather, cool enough for sleeves, but warm enough that Bean still wants to run and shout. 
Bean’s raglan
Thanks for stopping by, have a great Saturday!

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