Sashiko Embroidered Tunic

Y’all, I am SO excited about this shirt! When I made these jeans I knew I HAD to have a mustard colored shirt. But par for the course, I couldn’t find one I liked.

I did, however, find myself inspired by this Anthropologie shirt. That is no longer in stores. Of course.

So I worked and sewed a couple prototypes and came up with this:
And I love it! The fabric is NearSea Naturals: Antique Gold Medium Weight Jersey, and I cannot say enough good things about this fabric. And no, I am not an affiliate, nor did I receive any discounts. But this stuff is really the nicest jersey I’ve ever worked with – so soft, and not all warped like a lot of jerseys I’ve sewn with. It is pricier, but it is organic and the thing that impressed me the most is that it is made in the USA. NearSea Naturals even has a line of fabrics that are completely grown, spun, milled and dyed in the USA. I also ordered a bunch of swatches, and I see me ordering some more – the white interlock was yummy, and then I could dye it any color I want.
I knew I wanted to hand embroider the bib of the shirt, and after looking through a few ideas I settled on sashiko embroidery, which is Japanese embroidery that consists of running stitches and repeated geometric shapes.
And the best part for you? Free pattern and tutorial coming tomorrow. Complete with slash marks for resizing it if you don’t happen to fall into the petite and flat-chested category like me.

Click HERE to go to the tutorial.

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  1. Samantha says

    YAY!!! I love the look of this top and I fall into the petite and flat-chested category, bonus points to me :) Can’t wait for tomorrow, thank you Melissa! x

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