Blank Slate Paper Dolls

So, I’ve had this idea for a while, and thanks to my new Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet  I’ve finally been able to do it.

I’ve created a set of paper dolls for boys that wear clothes made from my Blank Slate Patterns.

This is just the first set – three boys and three outfits. Eventually I plan to have a set of girls as well, and of course outfits based on every variation of every pattern I sell. But right now you can get the Basic Blazer, long sleeve V-neck, and long sleeve Hipster Henley paired with Clean Slate Pants to dress your doll in.

I love that my kids now have their own blank slate to customize.

The best part? These are free. You are free to make as many copies as you want for your own personal use, and there is also permission to make copies for educational purposes. Only commercial use is prohibited.

To get yours, head over to Blank Slate Patterns and click the Freebies tab.

Come back tomorrow to see how Tater customized his Blank Slate.

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