My Favorite Purse

I’m not a purse girl. I don’t match my purse to my shoes. I don’t change out my purse based on my outfit. I have owned one purse for the last three years and carried it daily. So now it looks like this:

Complete with wear stains that don’t wash out (I tried. Threw the whole thing in the machine. No dice)

And cracking (though still functional) leather.

And holes. That’s probably the most embarrassing part.

And I carry this stuff (plus my phone) around on a regular basis. And it all needs a place, so I love that my purse has tons of pockets and places to keep me organized.

And despite any thoughts to the contrary if you’ve seen my Camera Bag pattern, though I can make a great purse, I sew them for function, but I don’t really enjoy it. (Which is why if you ask for me to make you a camera bag, I say no. Other items I’ll take custom orders, but that one is no fun for me). I’ll whip up a tote if I need it, but as a teacher, people give you free totes all.the.time. So I haven’t needed to. Maybe if I don’t go back to teaching, in a few years I’ll need one or two. Or if I suddenly wake up and care that all my totes are in gorgeous free colors instead of looking like cute blogger projects.

When I heard that A Lemon Squeezy Home was doing purse week, I figured I should tackle the whole purse issue. So that I don’t have to think about it for another 3 years.

And what did I do? I replicated the purse I’ve been carrying around for the past 3 years. Yay! Everything still has it’s place (I’m anal about organization) and I know where that place is, but I don’t have the wear and tear anymore. Win-win for me!

I took a lot of pictures and saved the pattern pieces, so there’s a chance of a pattern from this, but just like purses aren’t my thing to sew, they’re not my favorite to pattern either. Silly, huh? They’re so easy since there’s no grading and one size fits all.

Anyways, if you’d be interested in a pattern (probably for sale, not free) let me know in the comments.  Update: the pattern is available HERE.

I’ve got a lot of cutting for KCWC done, and I can’t wait to get started tomorrow!

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  1. Karen says

    Love it. A pattern would be awesome. Soooo, did you use the hardware from the old purse? I think that would be a great recycle.

  2. Unknown says

    I would be very interested in a pattern for this purse. It seems like a great gift idea and it’s definately my kind of purse (functional and organized is a high priority). Please let me know how I could find out if the pattern becomes available.

    • Unknown says

      Right, first time commenter obviously… my name is Jaclyn. Seems impolite to post a comment and not even tell you my name. :)

  3. says

    Great purse!! I’d love the pattern for this bag. I think I’d make one for fall/winter and one for spring/summer. I’m like you – I don’t match my shoes or outfit. If I find a bag I like, I carry it ’till it dies..usually a very slow, lingering death since it takes me forever to find a new bag I like. : )

  4. says

    I LOVE this purse. I change purses daily/weekly if possible. I really want to make one like this. I have been eyeing the 241 tote pattern, but if you came out with a pattern soonish I would buy yours.

  5. GSFOoL says

    Would LOVE a pattern to this bag. I’m not typically a purse gal either but with two munchkins it becomes a necessity!

  6. misfitknits says

    Hello there!! I would also LOVE to have the pattern for this purse!! Just another vote to throw into the hat! 😉
    Also, since this is my 1st time visiting your blog- it’s GREAT & I LOVE IT!! And thank you *so much* for all the tutorials & patterns you offer already!!!

    <3 misfitknits…. (and yes, she does other things, too!)

  7. Jennifer says

    I just found your site and i printed off the color block tshirt pattern. i would love to have this purse pattern as well. i love making purses. thanks for the great patterns

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