KCWC Fall 2012 – Throwing in the Towel (For Now)

It’s 11:00 pm here, and I’m done with KCWC, though not with my list. Tater’s costume still needs neck facings, and I have to stuff the tail and sew the ears to the hood. But I’m done for the night.

So, here is all the other stuff I’ve done this week. So that I don’t feel like a failure for not finishing that final item before the week was out. You can click on any picture to go to the post.

I also did get another pattern drafted and will start sewing on that tomorrow. As soon as I finish this Tigger costume. Or maybe Tigger will just wait until Halloween Eve.

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  1. says

    awww… everything looks great! You should give yourself a huge pat on the back for participating. Honestly, even if I wanted to go buy all those items, I don’t think I could find them all in a week.

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