KCWC Fall 2012 Day 6 – The Rainy Day Coat

Two weeks ago we were at a football game where rain was threatening. I have a raincoat in my car, Tater has one, but Bean had none. And because Hubby had switched our cars that day (throwing our coats in) I didn’t even have the umbrella that was in my car.

Can you say terrible mom?

So, while Tater was at preschool, I took Bean to Stitch Lab, because I knew they carried cotton laminate.

The boy has expensive taste. But how could I refuse him this Echino laminated cars fabric?

When I started on this jacket (which was a modification of the pattern I drafted for this jacket), I took lots of pictures and fully intended to later turn this into a pattern for sale.

But around the point when I set in the sleeves, I realized that this will not ever become a pattern.

That was also the time I realized raglan sleeves would have been preferable to the set in sleeves in terms of what would work better with this kind of fabric.

The sewing didn’t get any easier since I was determined to fully line the jacket without any hand stitching – I can’t imagine trying to hand stitch laminate.

I achieved my goal and I love the result, but the reason this will not be a pattern is that 1) it is not the ideal shape for this fabric, and 2) I don’t think I can explain how to do the lining clearly enough to write it out in a pattern. It would take a video. At least.

So, lets just take in the one-of-a-kind beauty that is this jacket.

I made the jacket a little big, a little long, and I made the sleeves extra long with cuffs, so that hopefully Bean can wear this for a few years and get my money’s worth out of that fabric.

 The inside is lined with a light cotton, because we live in such a warm climate.

The welt pockets are awesome, and I thought they would be the hardest part of the coat because at the welt ends you’re sewing through 5 layers of laminate, but they weren’t bad. The sleeves and hood were much worse. I tried to get a picture of their bright yellow pocket lining, but I couldn’t get one. 
So, my KCWC list:
For Tater:
  • Tigger costume (needs tail. And stripes. And headpiece. Still working and unmotivated.)
  • 3 long sleeve Raglan t-shirts
  • 1 long sleeve Hipster Henley  
  • 1 New pattern that I’m not talking about yet 

For Bean

  • Raincoat (will blog tomorrow)
  • 1 long sleeve Raglan t-shirt
  • 1 Cool Cardigan 

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  1. Stacey says

    I love how it turned out, Melissa. And the fabric is fabulous. I swear every time I fill a cart with fabric I put the Echino in and then take it out again. Especially that car print. Did you use tissue paper between the fabric and machine when you sewed through all of those laminate layers?

    • Terri says

      I use baby powder instead of tissue paper. I did the tissue paper method once and got annoyed at all of the tiny pieces of paper I had to pick out.

  2. Jessica says

    You are amazing! It’s so so cute. Can you believe I haven’t tried sewing with laminate yet? I’m such a phony because we carry it in the shop I work in and people ask if it’s hard to work with all the time. I’m all “Yeah, you can totally do it, it’s easy!” Hahaha

  3. Ryan Heather Rosenstein says

    Wow!! I can’t believe Echino comes in laminate! The coat looks great and I’ve got a whole new set of ideas to toy with!!

  4. says

    We are moving in 2 weeks and I’m busy packing all of my sewing things, so I have been living vicariously during this round of KCWC and have enjoyed your daily posts. Congrats on whittling down all but one item on your to-sew list!!!

  5. Jenny Yarbrough says

    Gorgeous! And the fabric- I could not resist either. Echino is my favorite, it’s perfect for a little boy’s rain coat. Thanks for sharing this at Creative Me this week! It’s always great to see you over there!

  6. says

    this is awesome!! i love it. i’m kinda glad there’s no pattern. i don’t have to feel guilty for not making one for each of my sons. 😉

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