Fashion Icon Challenge

Okay, I couldn’t resist sewing along with last week’s Project Run and Play theme – Fashion Icons. And this was LAST minute, in a way I’m glad I never sewed when I was competing! (And BTW, I back-published this post so I’d have a link for the Flickr group, but if you didn’t look from there it probably didn’t show up in your feed. So that’s why I’m showing it now). 

And a cursory glance through the Flickr pool shows that I wasn’t the only one inspired by James Dean.   I can’t take credit for the jeans or the t-shirt this time, but the jacket was all me – drafted and sewn in one afternoon while I bribed the kids by letting them play with the iTouch.

The fabric is  brushed microfiber – think board short fabric. This stuff is HARD to find, but I found it at Rockywoods fabric. It was my first time ordering from them, and I was surprised at how fast I got the fabric, and it’s great quality.

I’m particularly proud I took the time to do these fancy-schmancy welt pockets.

I wanted to gel and dry Tater’s hair to look like Dean’s, but we were losing light fast…

And when I asked him to at least give me a smoldering face like the picture (which I showed him) this is what I got.

I’m considering this jacket for an upcoming Blank Slates pattern (Blank Slates outerwear, maybe?). What do you think?

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  1. Vanessa@Designs By Sessa says

    I ‘sort of’ used the v-neck pattern for my james dean shirt, but just sort of laying it on top to make sure it looked right! And did you see I used it for the Train to Crazy cowboy vest!? That pattern is amazing! I really want to buy more, but no budget at the moment! haha! 😉 I love your James Dean! :)

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