My Sewing Studio…and some big news

My sewing room has undergone a little makeover. If you remember from this post, it used to look like this

Well, the big news is that…
I quit my teaching job!

Yup, this year I’m going to be a work at home mom (and a HUGE thank you to all of you who have been buying the patterns that make this possible!). After teaching for 12 years, and doing it with kids for the last 4, and feeling like I’m miserably failing at the mom/work/life balance it’s time to try something else. And with the current war on teachers (yes, I’m calling it that – the rhetoric in the media and this country right now is that extreme) it seemed like a good time to bow out.

So, since I am officially working from home, I needed an official work space. Hence my new studio.

It’s really not that different from my old sewing space. First, we took the leaf out of the dining room table where I used to do my cutting, and put the table against the wall, allowing us to move the boys’ playstuff out of the sewing room (we only use this table to eat when the whole extended family is over).

And then we went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore  where I found these matching cabinets for $45 each.

They were matching, had 3 drawers each, and those cool beadboard sides, so they don’t have that wall side that most cabinets have that isn’t pretty.

The only drawback was that they were a few inches taller than I wanted, but Hubby and I took a good look at them and figured out how we could modify.

First, he pried the nails and took off the tops.

Then  he cut off the extra beadboard, so the tops were flush again.

I bought a 4’x8′ sheet of melamine at Home Depot because I knew I wanted a white top, and melamine is easy to clean and hard to scratch – perfect for pinning. But I didn’t want the whole 4’x8′, so I had Hubby cut it down to 30″x6′.

Or at least I thought Hubby did – I discovered when I uploaded the pictures that he had some help.

(OK, Tater didn’t really cut anything. But apparently he did vacuum all the sawdust.)

And now I have this beautiful expanse to cut on

These super cool stools were a craigslist purchase – $30 for the pair.

And all the sewing supplies that used to be in my china cabinet are conveniently housed in the drawers; as well as my printer/scanner for when I’m working on patterns.

I rearranged the other furniture that was in the room, and added a rack to the wall for hanging works in progress – which is also handy for taking pictures; though I’m thinking about painting this wall white for that purpose.

And Molly the Mannequin is now comfortable behind the ironing board.

But though it’s not their playroom anymore, the boys still like to hang out.

Sometimes under the table.

And sometimes at the table (where they decided they want to learn to sew).

I think that I’m going to like these officemates (despite their sometimes tendency towards wrestling around on the floor in the middle of my studio).

So, any work at home mom tips I should know about?

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  1. says

    What a wonderful space and congratulations on your new at-home adventure. I have been wanting a raised counter/cutting table for a while. I am sure it will be much more comfortable on your back.

  2. says

    My kids have been learning to sew as well. My middle even got her own sewing machine because she likes it so much. Working at home – is both fabulous and challenging. You will find your balance. Good luck on your adventure!

  3. says

    Ok… that’s not all! Congrat’s on the big move from WOHM to WAHM. I made a similar move a few years ago. I wish you all the best!

  4. says

    I am so jealous of your new employment. I have wanted to stay at home with the kids since they were born ( the oldest started 12th grade this year and the youngest is 3), maybe before the youngest starts college I can manage to talk the hubby into it. I love the new cutting table and the saw picture is the cutest.

  5. Stacey says

    Wow! Congrats to your new work at home status. I’ll be making the big decision in the next year or so on whether to go back to the classroom. And I love that you have your own cutting table. The sewing room looks fantastic and those workmates are just too darn cute.

  6. Snickerdoodle Stew says

    War on teachers…how true is that?! I was in the trenches for 9 years before I had kids. I taught music, so I don’t even know if the job is the same as when I left. They’ve made so many changes due to cutbacks. Anyway,it’s hard work, but you’ll have a blast!

  7. Amy (naptimecrafters) says

    Squeeze every moment out of naptime :) My toddler doesn’t seem to mind when I’m cleaning, cooking, etc. while she’s awake but she views sewing/pattern drafting as pretty optional and makes it pretty difficult to accomplish anything during her waking hours. So I drop everything and work as soon as naptime rolls around. Good luck!

  8. Welcome to Penguin Says Hi! says

    I am trying to make the decision whether to stay teaching or not. Being a music teacher, having taught for just 5 years, and the way the education world seems to be going, I just don’t know. I have had a very great summer trying to think out what to do. Moving back to my home state and trying to find a job is more difficult than I would have imagined, having at least some experience already. I am trying NOT to be negative, but it sure is hard sometimes. Any advice on how to go about this home empoyment thing, or get back into teaching?

    I love your sewing room, and especially the sewing table and fabric storage in the first picture!

    Megan [email protected]

  9. Suzanne Winter says

    such AWESOME news – being a wahm is challenging, but oh so worth it!!!! And I am beyond jealous of your cutting/drafting table, I dream of a table one day that is not my kitchen table and does not have to be cleared anytime the boys are awake or so cluttered that I can’t find space to work ;op Someday…..

  10. kristin says

    Oh, congratulations!! How exciting that you’re starting to really make a living doing what you truly love! I hope to be there someday. Go get ’em, girl!

  11. cathyohler says

    What a beautiful sewing table you created! Am so jealous that you actually have a beautiful “sewing room”. Seems every time I turn my x-bedroom into a crafts room I have to go back and turn it into a bedroom! It’s always some emergency! You’ve really excited my creativity…..if only I could throw the double bed in my craft room out the window……problem solved!

  12. says

    I love your space and new sewing table. Congrats on your career change! My only advise is to cherish it, they grow up so fast.
    I’m visiting from the Do Something Crafty party.
    Terrie @

  13. Jenna says

    Been working on my space for awhile – thank you for the great inspiration! Hope to reveal mine soon too. Best of luck to you in your new venture – staying home is a sacrafice, but well worth it – enjoy!

  14. [email protected] says

    Congratulations! I too am leaving teaching after 12 years, for different circumstances, but a relief to not have to try to save the world. Too bad they won’t just leave us alone to handle our kids and actually teach them some skills. Hope you LOVE having having some “down time.” I know I’ve been busier this summer than ever… so much for staying at home!

  15. says

    Hi, I’m over from sew many ways. Congratulations on becoming a stay at home mum and I wish you success with your new venture. Love your sewing room. Make me want to redo mine.

  16. thepecanlady says

    Great space! Congratulations on being able to work from home! I know you will never regret it! Boys can learn to sew, too! Our son would sit on my lap while I sewed so he could “push the button” when I changed stitches! Lol Our daughter, son, then our granddaughter loved to look at all the buttons and taking off and replacing the pins on the magnetic pin holder. I taught them what they were age appropriate to learn. Our granddaughter loved to outline embroider with a large needle easy for her to hold, so sweet! She is almost 18 and I still have those little pieces of fabric! Very special memories! No, you will never regret being at home!
    God bless you and your new adventure!

  17. says

    What a great space! A whole room! I have carved out a corner of a room and it does the trick for now! How cool that you’ve been able to make this into a job…

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