Scrappy Summer Outfit – Upcycled Henley and Cargo Shorts

Tater has suddenly shot up, and looking through his closet the other day, I realized he’s low on both shorts and t-shirts. Lucky for him, I seem to have a teeny-tiny problem that overtook my dining room table:

Yes, I promise there’s a dining room table under there, but it is hidden under the majority of my knits-to-upcycle pile. (Yes, that means there are some more that aren’t pictured)

OK, so maybe the problem isn’t teeny. Or tiny.

Can a girl help it if she can’t pass up hand me downs, 49 cent thrifted t-shirts and keeping cute outgrown and/or hole-y shirts? Any reasonable person (me) would say no. Unreasonable people (Hubby) say yes.

But is it really a problem when I can choose a few pieces, and an hour later have this?

I used my trusty t-shirt pattern drafted like thisΒ with leftover cream interlock from this shirt, installed a henley placket like this, and why yes, those are the last little scraps from the Fields of Gold dress. Oh, and the collar is the only left over piece from the original Rose T-shirt.

I actually made the cargo shorts as my pattern test pair before I did the lined Cargo Shorts for the Wildflower White outfits. They’re from scrap gray fine wale corduroy I had left over from these pants.Β And wow, look how much Tater has grown since those pants – the baby fat in his face is gone now. Sniff.

When did my toddler definitively become a little boy?

And the whole cute outfit cost me $0 extra dollars since it was all from scraps I already had. But since it barely made a dent in the pile (OK, not even a dent. You can’t tell that anything is missing) look for many more upcycled projects to come this summer.

At least he still does completely goofy things. “Take pictures of me jumping, Mommy!”

Love that kid.

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, I love this outfit!! I love the colors you used on the shirt and how warm and worn and comfy the whole outfit looks because of the upcycled fabrics. You definitely have developed quite a signature look, by the way :)

  2. Emilia says

    Seeing your up cycle stash makes me feel normal as I too look, no scrutinize every scrap of material & imagine it’s usefulness. Then I save it in a box for later use. Great outfit for mr. tater. He looks like he likes it, which is the ultimate goal.

  3. says

    Love the clothing you’ve made! I have a similarly out of control knit stash problem. Some call it hoarding, but we know better! My son also has recently outgrown the majority of his clothing. I look forward to giving these a try. Thanks for including the links to instructions! Your son is bigger but still just plain adorable!

  4. Crafty Cousins says

    How fun! I love the colors. My little Monkey needs Summer clothes. He’s got four big brothers and lots of hand-me-downs, but they’re either the wrong size or the wrong season. I think I’ll take those clothes and see what I can refashion for the little guy. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I’d love for you to link it up to Crafty Cousins.


    Hope you don’t mind–I just pinned this! :)

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