Helicopter Envelope Neck T-shirt

So in this post, I showed you my dining room table with my refashioning stash out of control. I am glad to say that after cutting out 9 t-shirts and a pair of baby pants, my stash now looks like this:
Still over flowing, but small enough to shove back on its shelf. Barely. 
Because of “Shirts-a-Palooza” as the Hubby was calling it, between now and (30) Days of Sundresses  you’re going to see a lot of little boy t-shirts. Today is not technically this first one, because the Scrappy Henley was the first, but there will be enough that I decided they need their own graphic. 
So, the Helicopter Envelope T-shirt. Bean had this baby blanket give to him as a gift:
It had cool helicopters on the top, blue on the back, and green binding. And it had his name embroidered on a corner – you can see part of it to the left in the picture. I kept his name, carefully unpicked the ribbed binding, and had almost a yard of each soft knit fabric to use. 
Because the binding was thinner than I would prefer to use for a t-shirt neck, I thought of doing an envelope neck. So I drafted a pattern (which still needs tweaking – you can see in the closeups that the neck is either too high or I need to overlap the pieces less), but Bean couldn’t wait to do a photo shoot.
His curly hair is growing back in again. Isn’t this the cutest face?
See you soon with another t-shirt post!

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    This is fantastic! I love your sewing and refashioning! I have to tell you that out of my 150 or so blogs I follow, you have risen to my favorite! Many of the other blogs I used to like have begun to advertise too much and I’ve had to quit following them.

  2. says

    What a great idea for a no longer needed baby blanket! We have one with some tractors on it that I now must turn into a shirt. How cute and thanks for the idea!

    • says

      If you mean that it’s stretching as you sew the binding onto the neck edge, scotch tape on the bottom of your machine’s presser foot can make the knit slide easier without stretching. Also try adjusting the pressure on the foot to a lower setting.
      If it’s stretching as you sew the sleeves in, the same tips can help, but I also use lots of pins :)

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