Green Grass and Blue Waves – Earth Day Take 2

Well, after I vetoed this look for Earth Day week on Project Run and Play, and before I came up with this look I tried out a boy look – with a very literal Earth interpretation – grass and waves.
The shorts started out as these men’s pants that a friend found in a storage unit she bought and kindly passed on to me.

I cut them apart, sewed them into skinny shorts because I love the brightly colored skinny pant look right now, and after several dyeing misadventures I had these (still wrinkled from drying the dye).

The shirt is made of 3 t-shirts (from my huge stack of t-shirts to refashion; I think I might have a problem) sewn together with a hood added.

I constructed the whole shirt out of solid fabric, but didn’t sew up the side seams. Then I drew a paper template for the waves and traced it onto the shirt front.

Then I cut the t-shirt, setting the bottom part aside. I laid a very wide strip of the next color (almost not wide enough) under the cut edge and pinned. Then I sewed right along the shaped edge, kind of like reverse appliqueing.

Cut the next edge and repeat with another color – not pictured, but it’s the royal blue in the finished picture.

Finally, pin on the bottom of the shirt you cut off in the first step and sew it on. Then sew down the side seams of the t-shirt and cut the excess off the bottom front. Hem as usual, or leave unhemmed.

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