Happy New Year’s!

I’ve been thinking about doing a blog series for a while, and in honor of 2012, here it is:

You can click on the button above to see a page with all my ReInventions.

When we make New Year’s resolutions, what are we doing but reinventing ourselves? Taking the old self and making it better – slimmer, kinder, smarter, well flossed…

So, this month I am going to show off a series of ReInventions of clothing. The plan is to post my weekly ReInvention on Sundays throughout the month of January (and I may sneak some in on other days as well). Here’s a sneak peak:

This pile of fabric is full of thrifted goodies that I’ve already starting reinventing into things like this

And this:

Click the picture to go to the finished project

So I hope you’ll follow along in January as I ReInvent clothing!

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  1. Rosie says

    Perfect. I want to do some of this rather than buy new. I have so many things in my wardrobe and drawers that just need a bit of tlc.

    Can’t wait.

    Rosie x

  2. Laurel Leaf Cottage says

    Hoping to get lots of ideas through this series..I always wanted to re-do sweaters and stuff, but can never come up with cute ideas! Keep it comin’!!! Deanna

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