ReInventions – Violet Flowers Sweater

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My second ReInvention, a pretty quick and easy one. This sweater started out as this

It’s a rayon/nylon/angora blend that got a little felted, which is why I think it was at the thrift store. It’s marked as a size large, but clearly is not that big as it fits my XS self fine. And it didn’t get felted to point it won’t stretch – plenty of stretch, which isn’t always the case with felted items.

So, I cut off the neck.

Folded it with shoulder seams matching to cut the center front into a V neck, then bound it with 2 inch satin ribbon the same way I did this neckline. (IMPORTANT – since satin doesn’t stretch, measure the neckline to make sure your head fits through without stretching before doing this).

The center flower is made of a tube of the neck, sewn together on one end and cut in small strips almost down to the sewing line. I rolled this and stitched the bottom.
The two little flowers are also cut from neck scraps, 6 petals each shaped like this. Then I took each petal and added a stitch to fold up a little, and knotted. Then I sewed all 6 into a circle, with the little pointy ends forming the middle.
Gave it a little shave, then paired it with boots and skinny jeans. 

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  1. Ann LeClercq says

    This is really pretty! What a great way to repurpose a turtleneck. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker

  2. tobecontinued says

    Cute! I need to refashion some into sweater dresses for my daughter but have been hesitant to cut into cashmere…its scary to make that first cut!

  3. Amy says

    WOW! What a great re-do! I love the finished product! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays! I’d be so scared to cut up a sweater, but if I thought it’d turn out like that, it’d be totally worth it!

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