ReInvention – Blue Skies Sweater

This is my first ReInvention of January

It started out as this

A fine gauge cotton men’s sweater. But with that ribbed band on the bottom, I’m not sure who this was flattering on.

And here’s how I did it. First I trimmed off the sleeves, ribbed band and collar band


I slimmed the sleeves down, took in the sides of the sweater, and reattached the sleeves

Marked a line (and highlighted it below) to cut for the waist

Chopped the sweater in half and created a center front opening
Folded the front together, matching shoulder seams and created a new neckline

Sewed the ribbed bottom band back in at the waist, where it had a chance to be flattering

Folded the sweater again to create the bottom front curve, then serged the raw edges (you could zig-zag) and ironed them under, then sewed in place.

And finally added a buttonhole and a little bling.

And originally I tried to add some trim, but it looked like this

YUCK! So I took the trim back off, and now I have this


And the orange shirt I’m wearing? Also thrifted. But no need to undergo a ReInvention.

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  1. Candace Jedrowicz says

  2. MC says

    Really well done, moving the band to below the bustline was a great way to add definition and shape. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I tackle my old sweaters pile.

  3. Lynette @ My Craft Discovery says

    I really like that. I love the ribbed look- it totally adds character to the sweater. Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    thanks for your kind comment on my junebug dress remix. It meant a lot to me. I’m following your blog for some months now and I love it!

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