January Bug Dress Tutorial – Project Run and Play Sew Along

Here is how I made this:

From this tutorial:

First,  I made piping and ruffle.  To learn how to make piping, go here

To sew the piping around the bodice, I basted it onto one piece, clipping the corners like so:

The I continued with the bodice as in the original tutorial.

I lengthened the sleeves and added ruffle around the hem. I think anyone can probably figure out how to do both of those things, so let’s skip to the skirt.

I made it A line instead of rectangular. I made the back piece first. My bodice was 13 inches wide, and I cut the top of the skirt around 26 inches wide and flared to a bottom width of around 42 inches (I used 3 yards for this size 5T). I think the skirt was about 24 inches long, so 1 1/3 yards of my fabric was just skirt.

Once I had the back shape where I could see it, I made muslin pieces for the front. First I lined up the center front of my button flap from the bodice to the center of the muslin. I used a ruler to continue the same flare from that flap down the line of the skirt. I added 1 1/2 inches to the left side to fold under for the opening. Then I laid this muslin piece on top of the back piece of the skirt, matching the centers. I made 2 muslin pieces that copied the two sides of the back skirt piece that weren’t under the muslin. I added seam allowances, and an extra 1 1/2 inches to the inside of the front left skirt piece. This picture should make that more clear – these are my 3 front pieces. The white line shows the center front of the middle piece.

I sewed the button flap edges under, pressing first 1/2″ then 1 inch, then sewed the right side piece to the middle piece, and the right and left pieces to the back skirt piece. I added the piping to the middle flap with topstitching.
Then I gathered the skirt around the top to match the bodice, and sewed it onto the bodice with the button flap open.
Next, I added the flounce – I followed the same method from the All Your Life Skirt. Once I had the 3 moon shaped pieces sewn together along to top curve, I folded the flounce in half.
The squished it to see the length and centered it in the flap.
The, holding the center in place, I rotated the flounce
And pinned the bottom edge on top of the side flap. I sewed that only to the center of the flounce.
Then I sewed the other half of the flounce to the back side of the top flap, on top of the topstitching I used to sew in the piping.
I marked out the bottom buttons and did the buttonholes
Then added the ruffle to the bottom. Voila!

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