Raw Edged Raglan from Sewing for Boys

This is the first project I’ve done from the book I recently got, Sewing for Boys: 24 Projects to Create a Handmade Wardrobe. It’s called the Raw Edged Raglan shirt.

I made it from these:

 These odd-sized receiving blankets somehow made it through 2 baby boys without stains. I don’t remember using them much (due to the odd size – kind of rectangular instead of square) but I do remember them always being around. So maybe we used them more than I thought? Hubby was kind of upset I was cutting them up, but we’re done with babies and baby niece is a girl, so how could they be put to better used than as fabric for a t-shirt that Tater will hopefully pass down to Bean? And you can see the cute blanket binding on the sleeve hems.

I have to admit, I like my own raglan pattern better than this one. Or maybe I cut or traced it wrong. Before I was done I had to recut the sleeves several times because they were making the neck too big and it was just hanging off my skinny little man.  Falling over his shoulders. I also had several redos because I was attempting to do decorative flatlock stitching with my serger, and it kept unraveling. I finally decided to forgo the flatlocking.

At any rate, it’s cute, and warm, and Tater likes it. So a success in my book. And it goes with my January theme, which I will be writing about soon.

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  1. says

    Great shirt! I love that you get to use the receiving blankets some more. I want that book, but I’m curious if many of the patterns in it have problems like the ones you mentioned with this shirt pattern.

  2. cameronhomemade says

    I really like this! I wish I had some of those thermal blankets – all my old ones are flannel, and I don’t think they are stretchy enough :(

  3. Jenny says

    Genius using the thermal blankets! The gals at Figgys would be proud. Thanks for linking up with Creative Me Monday again!

  4. Courtney says

    This is such a beautiful, thoughtful idea. I absolutely love sentimental crafts, and I’m going to go through little man’s blankets to find one to do this with!

  5. Passionate Design says

    I love it! I hardly used the receiving blankets we got for our kids and I’ve been saving them for a project as perfect as this!

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